Maximize Your Brand Awareness on Social Media Like Adidas

Social Media Like Adidas... Red Adidas Shoe

Photo by Matthew Hamilton

Today, one of the most iconic brands in athletic apparel is transforming the social media game. Adidas is chiefly synonymous with athletic shoes. While you may recognize the brand for their quality and style, you might also want to explore how to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas.

The brand produces more than 850 million product units annually. So it’s no surprise that Adidas is cultivating an undeniable influence on social media, specifically Instagram. If you want to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas, get ready to incorporate some of the brand’s tactics in your own strategic efforts.

“Change the game, run the world.”  – Adidas

Leverage Your Social Media Channel’s Demographic

Social Media Like Adidas... Woman Working Out

Photo by Justyn Warner

Adidas does an excellent job speaking to Instagram’s core demographics –  women.  As you peruse through the brand’s imagery, you’ll notice that most of their visual content includes women. This tactic allows them to leverage Instagram to reach millions of women daily. More than 68 percent of women make up Instagram user demographics. Additionally, Adidas offers empowering images of women from all ethnicities and nationalities. This creates a sense of inclusion and diversity for the Adidas brand, which currently has more than 18.8 million Instagram followers.

Cultivate Authentic Culture

Social Media Like Adidas... Adidas Instagram Profile Page

Instagram Profile

Although Adidas showcases its coveted athletic apparel on Instagram, it also cultivates an authentic culture that transcends its trendy gear. Adidas isn’t afraid to include the visual content of concerts, festivals, and the urban lifestyle. This tactic affords the brand the ability to speak to their audience in an authentic way. Does your brand transcend its products and services? If not, it’s not too late for you to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas. The brand’s marketing team apparently believes that Adidas is more than athletic attire – it’s a lifestyle!

Be Wildly Creative

When it comes to content, creativity is essential. How will you curate your brand’s story on social media? Adidas tells their stories by leveraging engaging video content, with an occasional static asset. Adidas has figured out that video content generally performs better, as it stimulates the viewers’ senses. Additionally, Adidas champions the use of influencers on their social media channels. From musicians, athletes, to social activists, Adidas creates great brand awareness through their influencer marketing.

“When unleashed and cultivated, creativity can propel us to do great things.”  – Adidas

Social Media Like Adidas... Jellyfish Cloud on Blue Backdrop

Photo by Francisco De Legarreta

Ready to maximize your brand awareness on social media like Adidas? Simply leverage your social media channel’s demographic; cultivate an authentic culture; and be wildly creative! For more best practices, check out the latest blog post.

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