Liverpool’s PL Top Four Hopes

Manchester United Loss Take Away

Mourinho has been tough to beat for Liverpool since taking over Man U. Klopp still seems to be figuring out the best way to play Manchester United. The match was obviously a frustrating one for Reds fans. The slip-ups in our back 4 continued after looking like we were past that stage this season. Obviously, these are games you never want to lose, but it seems like the team is reacting and learning from it in a way that could end up beneficial. Man U is the only team that seems to be able to contain Liverpool. But, we don’t face them again this year (with their UCL exit vs. Sevilla). Liverpool is only 5 points behind United with a lot left to play for. Where should Liverpool’s Top Four Hopes lie?

We Go Again

For a look at the top Premier League standings look here. With the form LFC is in, along with the easy exit schedule, you have to like their chances of qualifying for UCL once again. With a four-point lead over Chelsea who holds 5th place. While Tottenham and Man U are well within our reach if we string some wins together. Liverpool’s Top Four Hopes seem to be optimistic this far into the season. While first place seems to be locked down by Manchester City, the tightly packed 2-5 teams will provide plenty of reason to carry on your Premier League viewing.

Champions League Draw

With a big draw coming up within hours, Liverpool, along with the seven other clubs will figure out their next opponents. Recently, Liverpool fans that have been watching on might want to do the arbitrary and hope to avoid the smaller clubs. The team seems to be more prepared for the “big games”. Although, any UCL game, especially this far in, is extremely important. The only team that I think Liverpool should hope to avoid early on is Bayern Munich. Even though we could certainly get past them if we were to execute the counter-attack. They seem to set up in a way that wouldn’t allow Liverpool to have the free-flowing game in which they’ve found most of their successful results. Would you rather draw a mammoth club like Barcelona, or one of the less decorated clubs like Roma?


Liverpool have to juggle the Champions League and their Premier League campaign for the remainder of the season. While Tottenham, Manchester United, and Chelsea can purely focus on their premier league seasons as they are all officially knocked from UCL play. While this seems like an advantage for the competition, you could argue that the teams that were knocked may be a bit deflated. Leading to a less motivated end to the campaign. Though, With Liverpool’s depth and talent, it doesn’t seem like it should be an issue juggling both campaigns. While they will certainly set their sights on second place and their first UCL title since 2005. What will Liverpool accomplish in their 125th season?

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