Liverpool’s Champions League Title Hopes?

There’s a long road ahead and stiff competition, but no one wants to play Liverpool right now. How optimistic is too optimistic regarding Liverpool’s Champions League expectations?

Return of the Mane

The past few weeks have been full of praise toward Salah and Firmino. Hard to argue that Mane wasn’t struggling with his form. Heavy touches, iffy decisions, simply sloppier than the Mane the fans knew last season. Does his hat trick today signal he’s back? If so, with Salah and Firmino also in top form, Liverpool’s opponents could be in trouble. Does it signal that Liverpool’s Champions League hopes should be high?

Champions League Expectations?

As of right now, Liverpool has the most goals in Champions League play per games played. It shows that our side has had quite the knack for scoring goals although it is early in the competition. We’ve been fairly lucky with our draws so far, which makes our title expectations tough to gauge. On the right day, Liverpool can score goals against anyone. With our 5-0 win against F.C. Porto, we certainly seem to be on our way to the next round. Is the squad consistent enough to have a real run at the title?

Will Coutinho have regrets?

I know, everyone is tired of hearing this man’s name. No matter where you are on the Coutinho love/hate spectrum, I think its best for us to back Barcelona throughout UCL. Not because we should back the lad for “giving us five years”. But could there be a better scenario to get over our former number 10 than to knock out his new team while he watches on the sideline? Especially after his coming out and stating he moved because he wants to win titles. The irony would have put a smile on every Reds face.

Defensive Options

You could talk for days about who our back four should be. VVD obviously has his spot secured, I would sure hope so at least with the price tag on him. The youngsters are doing their job, the job is making it tough for Klopp to show them the bench. Robertson plays like a madman and he delivers buckets full of beautifully delivered crosses. TAA treats whoever he’s guarding like they’re his little brother and his defending has been more than impressive. Especially for only being 19 years old. Gomez has been the least exciting of the young defending cast for me. That being said, he’s put in multiple solid performances for Liverpool along with a great outing for England. You also have the Lovren/Matip debate for who should partner Lovren. Klopp seems unsure of what to do with Moreno as well.  With strong attacking teams coming up this will surely dictate Liverpool’s Champions League destiny. With Clyne on his way to recovery and back in training what should our back four look like going forward when fit?

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