Let Your Creativity Flow: Using Social Media Platforms as a Creative Outlet

Art, music, theater, comedy… There are many different forms of creativity available to you. Your imagination is a tool that can make the world a brighter place, so don’t keep it in your head! Allow the world to see the beauty. In this day and age, we could all desperately use a little more lighting. It is easier than ever to reach people all over the globe. Creative and artistic people have the ability to improve mental health, so let that creativity flow! Here are a few ways to begin using social media as a creative outlet:


Using Your Imagination

Have you ever stumbled across a page on social media that spoke to you on a personal level? Each of us have different tastes and hobbies, so variety in content is important. You want to bring in as many people as possible. Use your imagination to determine what your viewers like! Lifestyle blogs, interior decorating Instagram pages, and a Twitter account for artwork are all great examples of creativity on social media. Allow your audience to become interested in your own interests and creations. The trick is in appeal, and appeal is easy if you have passion in your work.


But what is your passion?


Determine Your Creative Outlet and Go!


This part is simple. What appeals to you? What do you like to create? Engage your audience with enthusiasm and pride in your work. Positive energy is contagious, so don’t hide it when using social media as your creative outlet. If music is your passion, share your SoundCloud with every social media platform possible. Let’s say that art is your passion, then push it on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If theater is your passion, post your skits on YouTube or Reddit. Don’t forget to use relevant hashtags where they apply!


It is also important to state that building momentum takes time. However, if you enjoy the work your are making, then time is not your enemy!  Be patient, stay positive, and good things will come.


Allow Your Emotions to Flow


Creativity is a very important part of life. It allows us to escape the world for a small amount of time in order to appreciate beauty, in whatever form it takes. Allowing your emotions to flow through your work will do wonders for your mind and soul. Keeping things bottled inside can lead to a vast array of issues, so use your talents to express yourself in wonderful ways.


Social media can be a negative place and could use a boost of positivity and creativity. So next time you sit down to make your art, be sure to share it with the world.


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