Instagram Stories and In-Platform Messaging

Benefits of Instagram stories and in-platform messaging for Private Country Clubs

We are all familiar with Snapchat stories, but many Private Country Clubs do not use this as a primary platform. Snapchat stories are how brands communicate with their consumers. Instagram and Facebook saw this trend and began to implement stories for their platforms as well to compete with Snapchat. Since doing so, in-platform messaging and Instagram stories have taken off. Instagram has seen an influx of daily users more than ever before. This is the platform where you want to be if you are trying to engage your members via social media.

Utilizing Instagram Stories and In-Platform Messaging

There are many ways a Private Country Club can utilize the stories feature on Instagram. Take the viewer on a behind the scenes look at an event set up. This may entice the member to attending the event. It may also grab a prospective members attention and make them want to experience events at your club. The in-platform messaging feature will allow the viewer to reach the brand without having to exit the app and make a call or conduct an email.

Instagram Stories and In-Platform Messaging

A sneak peak at a dinner feature for the evening is another way to engage the member. By giving the viewer a look at whats going on at your club it is making the member more aware and enticing them. In-platform messaging allows the member to reach out to you with a direct message. They can ask for a dinner reservation, or if you’ll be offering this feature again soon. “One in five organic Instagram Stories from brands see at least one direct message” stated Sprout Social.

The in-platform messaging is a feature that is making it easier to engage and connect with your viewers. Giving your viewers an inside look at what’s going on at your club in the moment is a great way to entice them. Allowing them to message directly through the story and respond promptly is a great way for your club to engage with members and prospects. There are many benefits to Private Country Clubs in utilizing Instagram Stories and in-platform messaging. It is encouraged to begin giving your members a look at what is going on at your club through this ever growing social media outlet. 

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