Effective E-commerce Communication

Person shopping on a tablet showing the importance of effective e-commerce communicationEffective e-commerce communication is an absolute must with the growing popularity of online shopping. Statista says “online retail sales will grow to over half a trillion dollars by 2020”. In any communication strategy, it is important to understand your audience. Today’s audience wants to buy online.
The Richards Group argues that the successful brands will be those that make big investments in combining digital and in-store shopping. Amazon is the best example of this. This is because Amazon made its mark with online shopping. However, when it purchased Whole Foods, Amazon confirmed the power of combining a rich digital ecosystem with a network of physical stores.
So what is the reason Amazon is so effective?

Effective E-commerce Communication

Amazon has an effective e-commerce communication strategy and that is why they are so successful. Having an effective e-commerce communication is much more than what you say. It is also about “how you say it, when you say it, what parts you emphasize, and how your customers perceive it.”
The e-commerce website communication process can be broken down into two categories, Pre-Sales Communication and Post-Sales Communication. First is pre-sales communication which is the communication brands have with their audience before a purchase is made.
Second is the Post-Sales Communication, which is equally as important. Building a following happens after a customer makes a purchase. Examples include the delivery of the product, instructions to use a product, how to repair a product, and product accessories.
Having the right tool is important in any effective communication strategy.

E-commerce Communication Tools

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Phone Support
  • Product Descriptions
  • Advertisements
  • Blog
  • User-Generated

Successful Brands

Effective e-commerce communication will make brands more successful. The best brands treat their digital ecosystem as a storefront and their storefronts as convenient physical extensions of their digital presence. Successful brands see the possibility of a digital presence.
It will not be easy for brands to change to a digital focus from a traditional storefront mindset. However, in the age of e-commerce shopping, it is necessary.
How will your brand work on making its communication more effective?
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