Choosing Hashtags for the Private Country Club Industry

Hashtags, once known as the pound sign, have a prominent place across all social media platforms. Choosing hashtags for your private country club will be an important step in building your brand across social media. The hashtag is able to categorize content. It also recognizes and make your brand content discoverable and allows your audience to find your brand. By using the right hashtags, you will be able to connect and engage your audience. This is all based on your content and the target audiences common interests.


Choosing hashtags correctly

When choosing hashtags for your private country club, you want to be sure to be specific. A hashtag with your country clubs name is perfect to use to hone in on the audience that knows about your club. Another hashtag to try would be #privatecountryclub. This could locate the audience that is interested in the industry but doesn’t necessarily know what club they want to look for. If your club has a slogan, that is another great use for choosing hashtags.

Be sure to only choose and use ones that are specific to your club or the industry. Posting and using popular hashtags may seem like a good idea to gain more followers, but if you post a photo and use irrelevant popular hashtags, you may lose followers and get tagged as a spammer. A great tip in choosing hashtags is to check out what your competitors are using. You may also consider using Instagram’s search function. Simply type in your keyword that is relevant to your club and select the tags tab. You will find a list of hashtags using that keyword and how many posts are using that hashtag.

Also you have to be careful to not get too long with your hashtags. No one wants to type a bunch of characters, but possibly abbreviating country club to cc may help your country club if you do have a longer name. You also want to be sure that you do not use too many hashtags. Having more hashtags than words for your post can attract spammers. Let’s be honest, no one wants spammers even if it does mean more likes for your page.

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