After-hour text and email etiquette

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What is the best after-hour text and email etiquette? Don’t do it, unless it is an emergency!


No one wants your after-hour text or email

Most people don’t want to think about work when they are off. They do not want a reminder of job tasks in the form of an after-hour text or email from you. Ever. Just because you like to burn the midnight oil or think better first thing in the morning doesn’t mean you need to share your insight that time of day.

Here are a couple tips to improve your after-hour text and email etiquette

  1. Write all the after-hour emails you want. Just don’t send them. Save them. Send them within an hour before or after your regular business hours.
  2. Write your texts in an email to yourself. Then just copy and paste to text at an appropriate hour.
  3. Only send an after-hour messages in an emergency situation or if the recipient is expecting to receive important information from you.

True conversation with an after-hour text and email junkie

“My manager is disciplining me for sending late-night emails,” she wailed.

“Is she disciplining you without a warning?” I asked.

“No she told me to stop before,” she said meekly.

“Then why didn’t you stop,” I inquired.

“I thought they should appreciate how hard I work and care about the business,” she answered.

“Obviously they don’t care about your after-hours work during their after-hour time,” I replied.

Please take this text and email etiquette seriously. Many people use their mobile phones as their primary phone. They sleep with their phones on their night stand. They will not be happy to wake up out of a deep sleep to your message on a matter that could have been delivered during regular business hours. Check out this article on business text etiquette for more helpful tips.

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