Add Text to Photos for Greater Social Media Engagement

Add text to photos to boost your social media engagement level. In this time-conscious world a beautiful photo may not get noticed as people quickly scan through content. In this case a photo won’t be worth a thousand words if no one sees it. A few well-placed words on a photograph can help draw attention to your post.

Add text to photos for compelling commentary

You may not always be able to depend on an image to tell your story on social media. Add text to photos so the audience can quickly grasp your message. You can create compelling commentary with an engaging photo and a few well-chosen words. It will also make it easier for you to tell our story.

Adding text to images can be done easily on your mobile phone

Creating graphics on cell phone

Photograph by Rod Hampson on Unsplash


There are some great apps available to make it quick and easy to add text to photos on your mobile phone. Now you can add text no matter where you are. You don’t have to wait for a graphic designer or to get back to a computer to place text on photos. Take the time to preselect the fonts and any graphics you need so you can stick with the brand of your social media product.



Check out apps to combine text and photos

There are several apps you can use on your mobile phone to add text to photos. Some of them are free. You should take the time to experiment with different apps to see which one you can comfortably use on our cell phone. Some of the apps give you great flexibility and creativity to produce great images on your cell phone.

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