How to Write Content for Social Media

Write Content for Social Media

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Social media helps brands connect with their target audience. However, many brands are faced with a content challenge. How can brands write content for social media in an effective manner? The answer lies in developing distinct audience personas and a social media brand voice. This will serve as the foundation for your efforts. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to speak to any audience. It behooves brands to create meaningful, memorable digital content.

“This content should be so valuable that it compels the reader to share it with others across social media channels.” – Shanda Henley, SEO Copywriter / Digital Marketer / Indie Author

Audience Personas

Whether you write content for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, create content that your target audience is craving. In order to write content for social media that your audience will love, you have to define your target audience. One great way to accomplish this task is by developing audience personas. The persona should provide a clear image of what type of person you’re writing content for. Use the following questions as a guide as you develop your audience personas with your brand’s marketing team. What does this person look like? Are their interests aligned with the brand’s products/services? What pain points keep them up at night? Once you have clearly defined who your audience is you can write content for social media that will add value to their lives.

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Social Media Brand Voice

It is also essential to create content that appropriately represents your brand’s tone/voice. Your brand’s social media voice should align with its tone/voice as reflected in the brand’s print collateral, as well as in-person, among other areas. For example, if your brand advocates for women’s rights and empowerment, it would be highly inappropriate to push content on social media that is demeaning toward women. Creating content, with corresponding creative assets will help you to cultivate meaningful, memorable engagement with your target audience.

For more best practices on how to write content for social media, please be sure to check out this blog space again soon!

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