Visually curate your Instagram feed

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s no wonder Instagram is now the third most popular social network. Photography has the advantage of being both succinct and emotionally powerful at the same time. Still, posting beautiful images without some content strategy is unwise. One way to leverage your marketing power is to visually curate your Instagram feed. This can be done by adopting a few simple procedures. Read on to learn how to make this your standard of practice.

Find your visual voice

To find your visual voice, you must understand two things. What does your company stand for and what are the marketing goals for this channel? For instance, do you want to sell more product? Increase brand awareness? To visually curate your Instagram feed, begin focusing on content that illustrates where these things overlap.

Identify the kind of content that already resonates with your target audience. You can do this by creating a “buyer persona” for your target audience. Identify this buyer’s interests, what they watch or read. Who would they would follow on Instagram? Research influencers and popular hashtags. Start general and follow the rabbit hole to get more specific.

You might also want to consider location and the popular local activities. And don’t forget about what your competition is doing. Don’t copy them, but learn from them.

Tell a story

A well-told story is capable of evoking emotions among your audience. What message are you sending? A picture is worth a thousand words. Use your brand story to carry that message in every image posted regardless of demographic factors. But also consider what emotions your pictures will evoke. Will it make your audience laugh or cry? Reflective or curious? Are these emotions aligned with the brand?

Another way to successfully visually curate your Instagram feed is by engaging the audience’s imagination. Put out a call for your audience to share their own stories and photos. User-generated content will increase engagement and allow you to repost compelling imagery that resonates with your audience. Create hashtags to track and watch as new content is created.

Instagram’s mobile nature also allows for in-the-moment documentation. This gives followers a more personal way to interact that feels more casual and instantaneous than other networks.

Be consistent and on-brand

Followers are loyal to a brand for specific reasons. Stay consistent to that and watch your following grow. Your followers should know what kind of content to expect from you and when to expect it. Stick to your brand message and a posting schedule. Continue to post content that resonates with your audience. Refrain from straying from your brand message.

Finally, focus on your visuals and how they complement each other within the feed. Aureta Thomollari had this to say about her own popular feed:

“I look at it as a gallery space I’m curating. I’m so conscious of the colors and the shapes of the picture next to the other. … I go to the main page and make sure that the colors are in harmony with the ones next to it—with the picture to the left, to the right, under it. I’m looking at it as a gallery, as a white wall space.”

Colors, mood, subject matter are all things that make an Instagram feed instantly recognizable. Use these to enhance the appeal of your brand.

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