Tips to Edit Video for Social Media

Image of multiple screens with film strip in back ground for tips to edit video for social media Now that you’ve shot your video, it is help to have some tops on how to edit video for social media. This is where you can really shape your message, and tell your story. Editing is like putting a puzzle together with all of your pieces, and the best way to get better is to just start doing.

Edit Video for Social Media Using These Applications

If you are a Mac User, you already have iMovie available to you and will be able to do most everything you need. iMovie is also available to use on your mobile device So you can edit your video for social media on the go. Final Cut Pro is available, but for $300, when you reach a point in your editing when iMovie won’t cut it, Literally.

For PC Users, Windows Movie Maker is a free application that is avaialble to you. Like iMovie, Movie Maker has limitations. Another free, third party application is Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve. Adobe Premier is avaialble to download for both platforms.

Tips to keep in mind when editing

  • Determine what your message is, and keep that as your focus. What action are you asking the viewer to take?
  • Use your very best shots first! You want to hook your viewer right away, so they will stay with your video.
  • Keep your video short. Your goal should be less than a minute long.
  • Select your most intriguing image for your thumbnail.
  • If you include audio, make sure it is clean and can be understood from the smallest of speakers.
  • Include subtitles, so people who keep your video muted will not miss anything.
  • Don’t forget to include your logo. Make people can see your brand.
  • Do not fall in love with your shots, if it can be cut out, remove it. Be brutal.
  • Learn which file size and format works for each of your media platforms.
  • Do not use cheesy video transitions.
  • If you need to go shoot more, go shoot more.
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