How Social Media Can Help Nonprofits

social media helps nonprofitsThe advantages for businesses to be on social media are clear. They have the opportunity to connect with and better understand their customer-base for free, while also pushing advertising to sell their products. But social media can help nonprofits. Organizations that aren’t trying to sell a product, but rather a cause, still stand to gain from engaging with their communities and spreading their message. Using social media can help nonprofits expand their reach while limiting costs.

How Social Media Cuts Costs

Social media can also make a nonprofit more efficient. Although there might be an initial hump for staff to be trained in unfamiliar platforms and marketing strategies, once they are comfortable with the tools their jobs can be much simpler. The marketing process can be partly automated and the focus of the staff can be strategizing and engaging with communities to make the difference they intended to from the onset.

It’s also an excellent tool that can help spread out the work of the business. With smartphones, activism has never been easier, and millennials have proven to be passionate about change. Once people know about your cause, they can decide if it’s something they want to dedicate time to. Through social media, nonprofits can build networks of people in communities everywhere. They can use these communities to divide up tasks.

The Example of Parkland High School

The students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. have shown that starting a movement can be quick and effective with the help of social media. They started the #NeverAgain campaign on Twitter and already have 97,800 followers. They have organized several protests and marches across the nation as well, with the help of Facebook.

Social media isn’t a fad. It’s time for nonprofits to take advantage of all the tools. Facebook can organize a group as well as meetings and events, Twitter and YouTube can get out a message, and other tools such as Google groups can organize the workflow.

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