Will New Social Media Platform Vero Catch On?

The new social media platform Vero is changing the game – but the jury is still out on whether or not audiences will take to it. new-social-media-platform-vero

Will Kylie Jenner Give New Social Media Platform Vero Her Blessing?

An online manifesto claims the new social media platform Vero offers a more “authentic” experience. Vero’s mission is to keep their platform advertising-free by offering a subscription-based service. Vero plans on monetizing users’ behavior, not ads. On Vero, all users are treated equally with the same access to the same features and functions. The first million users will have their annual subscription fee waived for life.

According to Vero, they don’t “curate content, manipulate it, insert advertising in it, or hold back posts.” Additionally, content is removed that encourages violence, self-harm, hatred or cruelty.

Vero is positioning itself to be the anti-Facebook. Their slogan is “less social media, more social life.” Recently, Facebook has received backlash from users and corporate brands like Unilever. These brands are demanding that Facebook take action against fake news, election meddling and social media addiction.

Ultimately, will Vero really become a safe and appealing place for users and brands alike? According to one Forbes writer, the new social media platform Vero likely “won’t make it beyond SXSW.”

“Advertising is a necessary evil and without it – even with a firm subscription model – it is unlikely to do anything other than burn money,” says Forbes. “My issue is that the current climate isn’t conducive to this sort of platform succeeding.”

Perhaps having Vero step up as a competitor will at the very least inspire other platforms to clean up their act. In addition, Snapchat is in hot water for recent interface changes. As a result, there may be room for a new player on the scene like Vero.

Would you subscribe to Vero? Or will this just be another flash in the proverbial social media pan?

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