New Snapchat Update Creates Overnight Uproar

snapchat_update_uproarA new snapchat update has created a social media frenzy. Users and high profile celebrities alike are vocalizing their frustration and disappointment with the major interface change. Snapchat has responded to backlash with a statement, saying, “Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.”

From the sound of it, it will take users quite a while to ‘settle in’ with these changes. The intention of the redesign is to make the app easier to navigate. However, users say stories are harder to view and content feels cluttered.

Chrissy Teigen claims new Snapchat update makes her feel less connected to fans

Chrissy Teigen is a social media powerhouse with a strong connection to her fan base. Teigen’s content used to be the first thing fans would see when opening the app. With the new Snapchat update, they now have to search for her content. One fan even tweeted that they felt like they had “lost a friend.” Teigen responded by saying she is “sad that it doesn’t feel like that anymore.”

Hasn’t Snapchat always been confusing?

No matter the version you’re using, Snapchat has always been confusing. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel even confirmed this in a statement, saying, “One thing we have heard over the years is that Snapchat is difficult to understand or hard to use, and our team has been working on responding to this feedback.”

It is no secret there is an age divide, with older users gravitating toward Facebook while Snapchat now reaches “more than 70 percent of people between the ages of 13 and 34 in the United States.” Is it possible that Snapchat is confusing because that is part of the charm? Leave a comment if you agree, or leave a comment if you think that “confusing” is not a strategy!

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