How to Practice Mindfulness in the Age of Social Media

In this day in age, it is easy to lose yourself. There is no mindfulness in scrolling through a Facebook or Instagram feed, and there is no peace when comparing your life to someone that you follow. As social media grows and changes, it is important that we stay true to ourselves- and not to get lost in the waves. Here are a few ways to practice mindfulness in the age of social media:

Follow Positive & Funny Accounts

Regardless of which platform you frequent the most, there are always accounts that can aid in mindfulness and well-being. On Instagram, for example, there are plenty of options that can provide your day with a positive boost. Something positive or funny will put a smile on your face, and smiling has wonderful effects on your mental health! These accounts can be found across all social media platforms, including Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook. Simply search for “mindfulness” in the search field, and pick from the vast array of options.

Practice Breathing Exercises While Scrolling

Simply focusing on your breath is a magical thing that can take away anxious thoughts in a matter of seconds. As we focus our minds on the pressures of daily life, paying attention to the breath is lost in the fray. What better time to focus on your breath than when you’re scrolling through Instagram? Focusing on your breath creates mindfulness, as now you are bringing your attention inward rather than outward. By adding a conscious breathing practice to your daily social media routine, you in turn create a positive mindset that will last throughout the day.

Allow the Age of Social Media to Come Second

Life is crazy, and gets crazier every day. But there is no reason that crazy has to take away from your experience as a human. Distractions are all around you, and losing your sense of being is easy to do. But this is not only the age of social media- this is the age of you. You are here, and that’s all that matters. It is crucial to take breaks from Snapchat and Tumblr, and replace that lost time with just existing. Cut out 10 minutes a day to just be you; no social media, no distractions, just you.


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