How to increase your reach on social media

increase your reach on social media

Consumers prefer brands that favor transparency and honesty.

Do you want more followers? Of course you do. Social media marketing is inherently about popularity. The higher your reach, the more influence you have. And influence results in sales. But growing your audience can be easier said than done. Factors like brand integrity and engagement come into play. Read on to learn how to increase your reach on social media by capitalizing on these marketing strategies.

Building Trust

Integrity is key. It’s never wise to mislead your audience. Research shows that shoppers are more likely to shop brands they trust. And that trend is only rising. A new report from WGSN shows consumers are demanding transparency on everything from ingredients to supply chain. Consumers are becoming more conscious of how brands position themselves in political, economic and social scenarios, the report says. Honesty is important because consumers are also more vocal than they have ever been. They will tell you exactly how they feel about your brand. “The combined people-power of them, their friends and their social media followers can help your brand go viral or start trending immediately.” Show your audience your brand has nothing to hide. It will help build brand loyalty, improve sales and increase your reach on social media.


Consumers want to see the human side to the brands they follow. There is no better way to increase your reach on social media than by becoming a great storyteller. But there are a few guidelines to follow. Stories should follow your brand’s mission, add value and be engaging. What is your brand’s mission? Whether it is selling diapers or design services, you must be aware and cater to your customers’ overall goals. Maybe that’s being a great parent or living in a dream home. The stories you tell should reflect these goals. Keeping this in mind should make adding value a no-brainer.

Consumers remain loyal to brands that continuously introduce them to solutions to their problems. And this should all be done in an engaging way. Develop media across platforms and partner with influencers. Instagram stories, weekly Youtube vlogs and consistent blogging show the consumer your brand’s complexity. They introduce a human element to your brand that is sure to increase your reach on social media.


As Millennials and younger generations continue to influence consumer trends, traditionally popular brands are seeing big changes. Recently, the Coca-Cola Company found their sales of Diet Coke slump by 34 percent. Their research showed younger generations no longer purchased soft drinks like they once had. This prompted a major overhaul of their marketing efforts, like adding flavors and partnering with influencers. “We hope to bring new fans into the Diet Coke family with these new flavors,” the brand said. “But also to encourage those who have either never tried Diet Coke or lost touch with the brand to give it a try.”

So that brings us to your ultimate goal of increasing your reach on social media. Brand awareness is great, but even established brands are at risk of losing customers. By capitalizing on your brand’s integrity and having a fresh approach to consumer engagement, you’re guaranteed to build your audience and your influence.

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