Will You Survive the Facebook Algorithm Update?

As a marketer, you need to be aware of the Facebook algorithm update changes. For example, you will start to see a difference in news feeds and engagement with the audience. Business pages are not getting through like the use to. Therefore, the days of promotions and news blog posts could be over. GASP! Let’s learn what you can do with your team and how to impact your business.

Changes in the Facebook Algorithm Update

Here is what we know:

– Facebook arranges friends and family post first over businesses.

– You will survive if you post engaging content.

– You will not see a change in paid advertising.

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan is to increase meaningful interactions, as opposed to the endless scrolling. Facebook saw the need for such changes but only after the influx of fake news outlets and Russia’s expanding interests with politics. The Facebook algorithm update is what the company is the focus and is actually designed for – social networking. At the same time, throwing in a Senate hearing could have been the ingredient required for the necessary change.

How will the Facebook algorithm update change the way you post as a business?

Your organic reach will be based on creating engagement with your customer. Knowing your customer is the biggest factor in determining if you will survive the Facebook algorithm update or learning new ways to use this to your company’s advantage.

It is very important to understand your customer base and you can start with your Facebook insights. Ask yourself: Who is my audience? What do they want to see? Focus on posting quality content your audience finds interesting and can actively engage in. In other words, this is how your content survives through Facebook’s updates.

In the grand scheme of things, Facebook’s primary mission is to keep users happy by cleaning up their news feed. The company history is where the focus is simply on the community and promoting widespread social engagement.

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