Digital Marketing to the Baby Boomer

If you feel yourself getting a little long in the tooth or reflecting on the glories of Grecian Formula, you might wonder what the heck is this Digital Marketing stuff anyway? Ask your average 55-year-old about Digital Marketing and they’ll likely get uncomfortable and ask for help with their cell phone. Just know that Digital Marketing to the Baby Boomer is indeed possible.

Boomers shouldn’t feel that Digital Marketing is an unknowable expanse of information. It shouldn’t feel that way to the marketers who try to reach them either. Using Digital Marketing to reach older consumers should be simple and straightforward. Marketers can reach this older demographic in the same ways they’ve used traditional media in the past, whether it’s magazines, newspapers or TV. Think of Digital Marketing to the Baby Boomer as simply taking the basic of elements that make any marketing campaign successful, like timely and compelling content, and adapting those to a digital format.

Digital Marketing Defined 

Digital Marketing is simply any social or web-based platform. That includes everything from email to Facebook to your preferred method of watching silly cat videos.

Marketing to the Baby Boomer can be tricky. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram that are so popular with Millennials and Gen-Xers can be difficult to understand if not downright intimidating for Baby Boomers. In fact, only 18 percent of adults 50 to 64 use Instagram while Snapchat usage is even lower hovering between 4 to 6 percent.

Embracing the Power of Boomers

Fear not though if your aim is to tap into this older generation. Boomers are embracing it more than ever. Upwards of 72 percent of them use Facebook. Recent statistics indicate that 70 percent of those 50 to 65 use a computer, tablet or smartphone to browse the web every day. Research also showed that 40 percent of Internet users over the age of 55 purchased online. 5-digital-marketing-techniques-target-older-generation/

It is also where the money is. Studies show that Boomers represent 70 percent of the nation’s income. The trend toward a greater percentage of older Americans continues unabated. In a few years, we will have reached a point where 50 percent of the population will be over 50. It’s time to look at Digital Marketing to the Baby Boomer as a vital part of your marketing efforts.

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