Digital Age and Millennials: Connectivity Is Only the Beginning

Connectivity is only the beginning for Millennials and the Digital Age

Millennials witness the start of the Digital Age and connectivity is only the beginning.  What have they accomplished so far with Social Media, and what will they come up with next?

Ipad social media connectivity

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Each generation has unique and defining characteristics. Although every generation is online, Millennials are natives to social media and definitely know their way around. They witnessed the Digital Age, going from internet access only on the computer, to 100% connectivity to the outside world, 24/7, in the palm of their hands. During adolescent age, Millennials became quickly immersed in technology which has its advantages, but like anything, has its drawbacks. Information readily available at the tips of your fingers is definitely a convenience, but most Millennials are even guilty of sleeping next to their phones and never “turning off” which can lead to constant connectivity.

Right now media consumption by Baby Boomers all the way to Generation Z is at an all-time high. Millennials receive plenty of criticism like being stereotyped as lazy and entitled, but are the first to adopt social networks and made a big impact on the culture of social media today. Their familiarity with the internet will continue to help change the way we use social media.

Connectivity has become so integrated in every aspect of life it is now literally part of everything you do. Millennials have had a large effect in the shift towards doing anything and everything online, the limits are truly endless. From being able to grocery shop online to having your mobile device second as a credit card is only the beginning of the Digital Age. Generation Z and beyond can’t even comprehend a world without technology everywhere. Millennials are media’s favorite generation to talk about and in turn, Millennials are the media’s biggest fan and critics. Millennials have accomplished a great deal so far in social media, which is a small glimpse of what’s to come.  What will you think of next?

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