How to Implement Customizable Chatbots in the Private Country Club Industry

Customizable chat bots are rapidly growing as brands increase their engagement and presence in social media.

Last week, we discussed the importance of engagement between brand and member on social media. But that was only one of the top 6 trends to look for this year! Sprout Social reported in their article “6 Social Media Trends that will Take Over in 2018” that customizable chatbots we’re expected to see a major spike in growth in 2018.

The Private Country Club industry is in a sense playing catch up in the digital world. Social media is growing fast and the way club’s engage with their members has changed. Engagement will help build your brands presence and relationships. By doing so, you may see increased direct messaging from your members or prospective members. Do you wonder how you will stay on top of all these inquiries? A solution is customizable chatbots.

How will customizable chatbots help our club?

Think of customizable chatbots as an assistant to your Communications or Membership Director. The chatbots can be responding to all your inquiries through Facebook or Twitter in minutes. Sprout Social created a customizable “Bot Builder” that will allow brands to “create, preview, and deploy their chatbots” that can answer specific questions and requests.

The chatbots can be helpful to your club if you see a rise in general inquiry through social media messaging or even taking it as far as giving guidance in hosting an event at your club. The customizable chatbots can also be used to send a welcome message as the member enters a direct message. This message could prompt the member to select a quick reply that helps the Director gather information to give the best answer to their member.

Customizable chatbots may not be a trend that private country clubs can or will implement right away. However, they are continuing to evolve to better suit business’ needs. Who knows, maybe the chatbots will even be able to verify or make reservations rather than the member needing to call in.

Happy chatting!

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