The Importance of Social Media Presence for Businesses

Why social media presence for businesses is important for customers online.

Social Media’s role in a marketing plan and why all businesses should stay in front of their customers online.


Why You Should Be Online:
Businesses on Social Media, online customers

Photo by John Schnobrich

Social Media is more prevalent in this world more now than ever. Therefore, more and more people join social media sites regularly and use them on a daily basis. Businesses are now taking advantage of online media channels to reach their customers. With such exponential growth its even important for small, local businesses to take part online. Having presence on social media allows them to connect to their customers like never before. This gives them an opportunity to create a “brand personality” that their customers can relate to. Businesses engaging on social media creates not only an easy way to communicate with customers, but an online marketing channel, as well. Facebook has nearly 2 billion users and announced over $9 billion in advertising revenue in 2017. Mobile marketing is around 87% of the company’s overall ad revenue. Trends come and go and online advertising is definitely not one of them.


Amplify Your Reach:

By using social media, businesses are able to easily diversify their marketing efforts. There are many different digital communication sites that have different audiences. For example, a company can reach two different target markets by using multiple online channels. LinkedIn reaches a more professional network, where as Instagram reaches a more visually inclined or younger audience. Ultimately, a company should create enough quality content to post on all social media sites. With this in mind, not only is reaching and engaging customers online an important aspect for any business, but it also makes it convenient to see what their competition is up to. Keeping tabs on competitors online can give companies ideas of what to do, what not to do, and even discover new marketing opportunities.

As a result, businesses mastering digital communication is no longer a choice, but a necessity. Media brands, business services, financial services and even consumer goods companies are participating on social media. Businesses need to be found online to be successful and continue to grow and build. Don’t forget, if it’s not found online, does it even really exist?

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