Automation Technology: Robots Are Taking Over

Robots are taking jobs and now to the airport.

Automation Technology makes things easier, faster, and now they’re making robots that take you where ever you want to go.


What Robots are doing Now:
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Photo by Andy Kelly

There is an app for this, there is an app for that. Amazon Alexa can buy this, Google Home can make a note for that. As any person who lives in the world today would know, technology is literally everywhere. So much so that automation technology aka robots are replacing jobs that can be done by humans. Human-replaced technology is really just an attempt to remove human-error and make things go much faster. A fancier way to describe it would be automation. Automation is in practically every industry these days, even the McDonald’s down the road is replacing minimum wage employees for robots. Technology is a part of many aspects of an average persons life. In 2012, devices connected to the internet reached 8.7 billion with a human population of over 7 billion. If it hasn’t been made clear already, technology is truly taking over and this is only the beginning.

What Robots are Doing Tomorrow:

Automation technology is critical aspect of a lot of manufacturing and assembly line companies. As mentioned before, automation is found even in small, local franchise businesses like McDonalds. Flexibility is the biggest difference between automation today compared to the past. A robot is an important part of creating an entire car and now it’s part of something as small and simple as creating an lunch order at a restaurant. Robots can help with customer service on your website all the way to the production line, and now robots can take you where ever you want to go. Self-driving vehicles have arrived. For instance, Nissan and Tesla are both companies that have come out with self-driving car capabilities. Nissan has created a “self-driving taxi service” that they hope to launch in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Tesla has Autopilot hardware.

So folks, robots are the next new thing. Although that may seem like a threat to minimum wage jobs, or any job for that matter, it does still create opportunities. In conclusion, if it doesn’t seem like this world is moving fast enough, automation technology will make that go even faster, and more importantly for us consumers, result in a higher quality product or service.

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