A YouTube Channel Starring You

Ever considered what it takes to make a YouTube channel starring you? Sound intimidating? Think you’ll look ridiculous? There’s a good chance you probably will. But that’s the point. By making a YouTube channel starring you, you’ll begin to develop the skills necessary to create a video, upload it to the platform and gain insight on the best way to market yourself, a company or a social cause that interests you. Perhaps most importantly you’ll gain a whole new respect for what it takes to be the talent in front of the camera. It turns out that making a video selfie for the first time can be downright hard!  

Presto! A YouTube Channel Starring You!

Start by coming up with a Show Formula. You can quickly learn how to set up a channel by watching an instructional YouTube video. How to video Then do enough research on your topic so you can talk about it logically and coherently. If you have a photographic memory for what you want to say, great. For most people memorizing a script is not the way to go. A script or outline will help to formulate your thoughts and messaging. But don’t fall into the trap of standing in front of the camera and reading a script. You’ll come off as appearing stiff and predictable when you want to be spontaneous and compelling. Worst of all your audience will see your eyes moving from side to side when you should be looking directly into the lens. Turns out that your eyes are not only the window to your soul but will make you look more engaged and affable in your video. Drop any pretense and overcome your anxiety. After a few attempts in front of the camera, any lingering shyness will subside. 

Your Very First Video

 If you have a decent camera on your cell phone then no special photographic equipment is required. Although it is recommended that you get a tripod to hold the phone steady. Always use head and shoulder views instead of showing you full body or being too close to your face. If you can, place your camera so that you look up slightly into the lens. Even if you have a rather generous double chin, looking up at the camera should eliminate it. Hit record and tell a story as best you can. Once you have a recording, now is your chance to experiment with a video editing app. Pick one that will make it easy for you to navigate and edit your video. Experts advise you edit the video with scene breaks every 7 seconds. Consider integrating B roll footage throughout your video. Jot down a few keywords you can set up in the Video Manager section of your channel. You are now more than halfway towards creating a YouTube Channel starring you!  

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