5 Social Media Apps Marketers Should Try Now

Experiencing a time crunch? These 5 social media apps are at your service!

With over 2.8 million apps in existence, a shortage on tools for improving our jobs doesn’t exist. However, a shortage on time is still a very real problem. Just ask any marketer tasked with creating and analyzing social media content. Ironically, the solution to this time crunch just might be using more social media apps. So, are you ready to download some help? First, let’s take a look at these five recommended tools.

Planoly  View your Instagram feed as a grid and rearrange images to ensure seamless story telling. more >

Followerwonk  Get Twitter-focused details about your followers’ activities and social authority. more >

Peakfeed  Get key stats for up to 10 social media accounts, delivered straight to your inbox. more >

Adobe Premier Clip  Enjoy fast, simple video editing, plus options to integrate quality sound and customize lighting. more >

Sprinkles  Let this social media app write witty image captions for you. more >

Lastly, this news-related app, created by a 14-year-old Irish teen, is worth mentioning:

Swiipe News  Like Tinder, this app allows you to swipe left or right on the stories you like. The idea behind it is to get more kids interested in the news. But, guess what? Adults like it, too! more >

The future of apps is cards, a content-delivery system that incorporates posts from your social media apps.

The Future of Apps

In 2014, the number of software developers in the world had risen to 19 billion. By 2020, that number will increase to 25 billion. It could also mark the end of social media apps as we know them. Web developers envision a world in which the internet is personalized to each user. And, they hope to make the task of opening social media apps obsolete. Instead, your web browser would become one continuous feed of aggregated stories, based on the social media apps you use, the news sites you read, and the online stores you visit. Each of these pieces of content would be delivered through cards, which are similar to posts.

Now, imagine how much time marketers will save if there is a singular card template and only one place to post? Think of the many hours it will free up to strategize on campaigns, plan more targeted messages, and deliver more personalized content straight to customers. For many, the future can’t get here fast enough!

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