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Automation Technology: Robots Are Taking Over

Robots are taking jobs and now to the airport.

Automation Technology makes things easier, faster, and now they’re making robots that take you where ever you want to go.


What Robots are doing Now:
Robots, little girl, holding hands, automation, technology

Photo by Andy Kelly

There is an app for this, there is an app for that. Amazon Alexa can buy this, Google Home can make a note for that. As any person who lives in the world today would know, technology is literally everywhere. So much so that automation technology aka robots are replacing jobs that can be done by humans. Continue reading

Tips to Edit Video for Social Media

Image of multiple screens with film strip in back ground for tips to edit video for social media Now that you’ve shot your video, it is help to have some tops on how to edit video for social media. This is where you can really shape your message, and tell your story. Editing is like putting a puzzle together with all of your pieces, and the best way to get Continue reading

Will New Social Media Platform Vero Catch On?

The new social media platform Vero is changing the game – but the jury is still out on whether or not audiences will take to it. Continue reading

Creating a personalized snapchat bitmoji from your own photo

Snapchat acquired Bitmoji back in 2016 and since then the app has been running wild with these small cartoon-like characters that represent its users. Now, making a personalized snapchat bitmoji is even more detailed than before. Bitmoji has opened up a whole new list of customizable features and allows using a selfie to aide in the process of making your avatar your match. Here’s how to get your personalized snapchat bitmoji looking like the man in the mirror:

Step 1: Open up the Bitmoji App and Select Bitmoji Deluxe

Open up the Bitmoji app and select the round wheel in the top left corner. Then hit “Change Avatar Style”. Previously there were only two avatar options here – Bitmoji Classic and Bitstrips. However, the one you will want to choose is the latest addition, Bitmoji Deluxe. Confirm by clicking “Use this Style” and entering into the avatar builder.

Step 2: Take a selfie to use as a visual aide

Once you are in the avatar builder you will notice a camera icon on the left hand side about halfway down your screen. This opens up the camera on your phone and lets you flash your million dollar smile. Take a picture of yourself to use as a visual guide in creating your avatar. This will help you build the most accurate and personalized snapchat bitmoji possible. Once you have taken your picture it will appear on the left hand side of your screen. On the right will be your new bitmoji that updates as you choose different avatar features. These will stay next to each other side by side so you can compare and contrast what looks most like you.

Step 3: Play with different looks

Next is the fun part. Creating an avatar just like you! Click on each bitmoji category and match features such as your face shape, eye color, and outfit. You will notice you are able to create a much more personalized snapchat bitmoji now that you have your picture at hand. Update it often and add intricacies as they come into your life like hair highlights, face lines, and eyewear, because here’s the best part about having a personalized snapchat bitmoji – it’s able to reflect the latest and greatest version of you.



Visually curate your Instagram feed

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s no wonder Instagram is now the third most popular social network. Photography has the advantage of being both succinct and emotionally powerful at the same time. Still, posting beautiful images without some content strategy is unwise. One way to leverage your marketing power is to visually curate your Instagram feed. This can be done by adopting a few simple procedures. Read on to learn how to make this your standard of practice. Continue reading

Fake News Phenomenon

A man reading a newspaper about the Fake News Phenomenom

The development of the fake news phenomenon is causing society to question fact from fiction. The problem with fake news is that it comes from multiple sources, from different actors, and with different motives. These include but are not limited to (The Telegraph (2018):

  • Commercially-driven sensational content
  • Nation state-sponsored misinformation
  • Highly-partisan news site
  • Social media itself
  • Satire or parody

But the concept of ‘fake news’ is not new, according to Merriam-Webster. As far back at the 16th century, the term used was ‘false’ news. The word ‘fake’ is relatively new.

So why is the term ‘fake news’ now becoming a popular topic of discussion?

Continue reading

Social Listening Tools

Social Listening Tools and the Private Country Club Industry

 Social Listening ToolsImagine you had a tool that could help you create content for your specific audience? Now imagine that you were able to provide a better member experience? The Private Country Club Industry can turn to social listening tools to do all of this! Designed to assist brands in tracking conversations, social listening tools are a look into how your members interact online. Social listening tools look for specific phrases, words or brands to track.  Continue reading

Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Your Business

Social Media Coordinator Choosing the Right Social Media Channels for Business

Photo by Marius Ciocirlan

There are currently more than a dozen popular social media platforms for businesses to choose from. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to Snapchat, choosing the right social media channels for your business can yield a significant ROI. The challenge lies in uncovering which platforms support not only your business objectives but also your target audience’s interests. It behooves you to understand the personality of each platform. How do your products and services align with the personalities of these social media channels? Does your target audience gravitate toward visual content? To select the right social media channels, you’ll need to develop a strategy around your products and services, as well as your target audience.  Continue reading

Inside the Twitter Bot Problem

Twitter Bot ProblemEvaluating the Twitter Bot Problem

The Twitter bot problem addressed last week is now making huge headlines with the announcement of new guidelines. Millions of fake accounts are tweeting and retweeting to the point there is too much congestion among feeds. The social media giant noticed the bot’s usage during the election and after the most recent school shooting in Florida. Often bots falsely inflate a prominence of a hashtag or trending topic to the point that it consumes the platform.

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Advertisers Cut Back Olympic Spending

Advertisers Expected to Cut Back Olympic Spending

Advertisers cut back Olympic spending. General Motors, Procter & Gamble, AT&T and Coca-Cola are expected to spend less on Olympic advertising than they did in 2014. This trend could speak to future potential for the Games.

Some advertisers are moving away from big, expensive advertising in favor of more targeted media and digital platforms. Others are concerned about viewership for the Games because of changes in consumers’ media-consumption habits. There also is traditionally more buzz around the summer games than winter. Advertisers’ cut back on Olympic spending in favor of targeted media signals even the Games are not immune to the media shakeup of the decade.  Continue reading

How Social Media Can Help Nonprofits

social media helps nonprofitsThe advantages for businesses to be on social media are clear. They have the opportunity to connect with and better understand their customer-base for free, while also pushing advertising to sell their products. But social media can help nonprofits. Organizations that aren’t trying to sell a product, but rather a cause, still stand to gain from engaging with their communities and spreading their message. Using social media can help nonprofits expand their reach while limiting costs.

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Class #5 Advanced, 2/26/18

Here are the presentation decks for the 2/26 class.




A YouTube Channel Starring You

Ever considered what it takes to make a YouTube channel starring you? Sound intimidating? Think you’ll look ridiculous? There’s a good chance you probably will. But that’s the point. By making a YouTube channel starring you, you’ll begin to develop the skills necessary to create a video, upload it to the platform and gain insight on the best way to market yourself, a company or a social cause that interests you. Perhaps most importantly you’ll gain a whole new respect for what it takes to be the talent in front of the camera. It turns out that making a video selfie for the first time can be downright hard!  

Presto! A YouTube Channel Starring You!

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How to Practice Mindfulness in the Age of Social Media

In this day in age, it is easy to lose yourself. There is no mindfulness in scrolling through a Facebook or Instagram feed, and there is no peace when comparing your life to someone that you follow. As social media grows and changes, it is important that we stay true to ourselves- and not to get lost in the waves. Here are a few ways to practice mindfulness in the age of social media:

Follow Positive & Funny Accounts

Regardless of which platform you frequent the most, there are always accounts that can aid in mindfulness and well-being. On Instagram, for example, there are plenty of options that can provide your day with a positive boost. Something positive or funny will put a smile on your face, and smiling has wonderful effects on your mental health! These accounts can be found across all social media platforms, including Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Facebook. Simply search for “mindfulness” in the search field, and pick from the vast array of options.

Practice Breathing Exercises While Scrolling

Simply focusing on your breath is a magical thing that can take away anxious thoughts in a matter of seconds. As we focus our minds on the pressures of daily life, paying attention to the breath is lost in the fray. What better time to focus on your breath than when you’re scrolling through Instagram? Focusing on your breath creates mindfulness, as now you are bringing your attention inward rather than outward. By adding a conscious breathing practice to your daily social media routine, you in turn create a positive mindset that will last throughout the day.

Allow the Age of Social Media to Come Second

Life is crazy, and gets crazier every day. But there is no reason that crazy has to take away from your experience as a human. Distractions are all around you, and losing your sense of being is easy to do. But this is not only the age of social media- this is the age of you. You are here, and that’s all that matters. It is crucial to take breaks from Snapchat and Tumblr, and replace that lost time with just existing. Cut out 10 minutes a day to just be you; no social media, no distractions, just you.


5 Social Media Apps Marketers Should Try Now

Experiencing a time crunch? These 5 social media apps are at your service!

With over 2.8 million apps in existence, a shortage on tools for improving our jobs doesn’t exist. However, a shortage on time is still a very real problem. Just ask any marketer tasked with creating and analyzing social media content. Ironically, the solution to this time crunch just might be using more social media apps. So, are you ready to download some help? First, let’s take a look at these five recommended tools.

Continue reading

Social Media and Relationships


Think back to dating in the pre-digital age. Gathering intelligence on a crush wasn’t as simple as typing the person’s name into the Google search bar. In order to get to know someone, you had to do it the old-fashioned way—face to face. Back then, snooping on a partner required a lot of legwork. Today, it requires little more than “finger work,” as scrolling through his or her Facebook feed can reveal a lot. And therein lies the problem with social media and relationships. Online spying makes it easier to get to know someone at first, but it can ultimately lead to more misunderstandings once you’ve coupled up. Continue reading

Twitter Introduces Live Streaming News

Live Streaming News with Twitter

Live Streaming News In a New Way

Many social media outlets deal with fake news issues and are quickly making changes. Announce this week, Twitter is launching a different approach with live streaming news as a new feature. They are taking this full steam ahead by looking to partner with reputable news outlets to ensure reliable sources for their users. Facebook is taking the opposite approach with the primary mission to keep users happy by cleaning up their news feed.

Twitter launched the new live streaming news feature on the side of the user’s timeline. For users in the US, the new feature was used Wednesday with Miami’s footage on the Marjory Stonemason Douglas High School shooting showing hours of live coverage. Over 50,000 viewers watched the news unfold through Twitter’s new feature. This example shows Twitter’s push for live video and the algorithmically displays news related tweets to reach their users. Continue reading

The Woes and Whys of Snapchat’s new interface

Snapchat’s new interface has gone live to users over the last several weeks and people are quite vocal and unhappy on social media about the app’s redesign. However, that isn’t stopping the company from standing by major changes. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel perhaps predicted a potential uproar from users, and stated in a 2017 earnings call “We’re willing to take that risk for what we believe are substantial long term benefits to our business”. Ironically, part of the reason for Snapchat’s new interface was to address concerns of the app lacking a user-friendly structure. So then why are people saying Snapchat’s new interface is a downgrade from previous versions? It’s different- the redesign is easily the biggest change to the app since it launched back in 2011.

Snapchat’s new interface separates personal and media networks

Long gone are the days of seeing public figures and companies on Snapchat mixed in with your average users. Now there are two separate pages for viewing Snapchat friends. The first is filled with your personal network. This is family, friends, and people you can directly snap with back and forth. The other is filled with public media. This is celebrities, influencers, and content creators under a page labeled Discover. It seems Snap’s goal here is to make media to stand out as media, and real relationships stand out as real relationships. The app is now labeling marketing and news for what it is and keeping users real community unattached.

Snapchat’s new interface combines direct snaps and snap stories

Previous to the update, there were two separate pages for receiving direct snapchats and viewing friends snapchat stories. Now, the update mixes all snaps and stories in one page in the order friends post. Some could say without close attention this makes it more confusing to distinguish if a friend is sending a snapchat directly to you or posting for their whole friends list. However, users should note that this updated feature keeps the most engaged friends at the top of your feed. You will be able to see the content you want to see more easily as opposed to content from friends that are rarely active

The future of Snapchat’s new interface

While Snapchat’s new interface is a point of controversy now, like any launch time is needed for final opinions to be made. Will Snapchat survive its changes? Only time will tell.

The Importance of Social Media Presence for Businesses

Why social media presence for businesses is important for customers online.

Social Media’s role in a marketing plan and why all businesses should stay in front of their customers online.


Why You Should Be Online:
Businesses on Social Media, online customers

Photo by John Schnobrich

Social Media is more prevalent in this world more now than ever. Therefore, more and more people join social media sites regularly and use them on a daily basis. Businesses are now taking advantage of online media channels to reach their customers. Continue reading

Facebook Invests $10 Million In a Community Leaders Program

facebook-community-leadersIn a recent statement, Facebook announced that it launched the very first Facebook Community Leaders Program. Facebook committed $10 million toward residency and fellowship opportunities for up to five community leaders around the world. The objective is to empower leaders who are using Facebook to build their communities. Continue reading

How to Implement Customizable Chatbots in the Private Country Club Industry

Customizable chat bots are rapidly growing as brands increase their engagement and presence in social media.

Last week, we discussed the importance of engagement between brand and member on social media. But that was only one of the top 6 trends to look for this year! Sprout Social reported in their article “6 Social Media Trends that will Take Over in 2018” that customizable chatbots we’re expected to see a major spike in growth in 2018.

The Private Country Club industry is in a sense playing catch up in the digital world. Social media is growing fast and the way club’s engage with their members has changed. Engagement will help build your brands presence and relationships. By doing so, you may see increased direct messaging from your members or prospective members. Do you wonder how you will stay on top of all these inquiries? A solution is customizable chatbots. Continue reading

Digital Communication in Local Government

Tall buildings with beams of data bursting towards them symbolizing digital communication in local government

To some, the phrase ‘digital communication in local government’ may seem a bit of a paradox. This is because many departments in local government still operate in a pre-digital age. This includes requiring “forms to be printed out and mailed, payments taken only in cash or check, appointments have to be conducted in person and in offices open only from 9 AM to 5 PM” (Harvard Business Review 2016). This way of doing things no longer works in a digital world. Local government plays an important role in our society. That means it is essential for digital communication in local government.  Continue reading

Liverpool’s Next Captain?

No Clear Answer

With multiple key players, it would be a tough choice for any manager to decide who should be Liverpool’s Next Captain. Plenty of valid arguments could be made for a handful of players on the current squad. The problem is there can only be one. What are some of the options Liverpool should weigh?

Stick with the current?

A probable scenario, no changes are made regarding the armband and Henderson remains captain of the club. Should Klopp consider making a change given Hendo has led the team for quite some time with little to show for it? He certainly isn’t getting any younger. It seems as if quite a bit of supporters are hoping for a change. 

Give it to the New Boy?

Virgil Van Dijk seems to be a popular candidate among supporters. While few seem to doubt his skill, loyalty, or leadership ability. He certainly fits the mold and has captain-like characteristics. The most prominent argument made by those who don’t think Virgil should captain the Reds is the fact that he has been with the team for such a short time and simply needs to earn it.

Use it as an incentive?

While it may seem unlikely, it seems to be worth throwing Emre Can in the mix. He has been captaining the side decently frequently lately. Emre has been with Liverpool for a pretty long time now. He has been a consistent contributor in the midfield. Along with showing his ability to get forward and score goals. He also seems to be the most Henderson-like player on the squad.  Would Klopp consider offering the role to Emre to try and leverage him to stay at Anfield with Juventus knocking? 

The Darkhorse

This player is known for getting far too little credit. Frankly, it seems as if he barely, if at all, gets mentioned as a future captain candidate. Roberto Firmino is picked for the starting 11 week in and week out. He is known to be a workhorse in training, and surely Klopp is keen on making him as happy as possible. To ensure he remains part of the squad long term. He surely has the talent and respect. Does he have the leadership qualities needed to be Liverpool’s next captain?


It seems like there’s a high possibility of an armband switch before next season kicks off. While it is tough to speculate whats going on in the locker room, its certainly going to be very important that Liverpool picks the right man for the job. Should Henderson remain the skipper or has he had too much time already?


Fashion Media Utilizes Influencer Marketing at NYFW

Hearst and BCBG Utilize Influencer Marketing at NYFW

Hearst and BCBG partner to utilize influencer marketing at NYFW. HearstMade, the content marketing agency of Hearst Digital Media, is using New York Fashion Week (NYFW) as a platform to expand its marketing capabilities.

In partnership with, Hearst hosted the “ Lounge”. Set in a luxury penthouse in Tribeca, the event is designed to encourage social media posting to promote and BCBG. This event is part of a larger effort by Hearst to increase influencer event programming in the future. Continue reading

Beauty Behind the Madness: Social Media’s Influence on Music

It has never been easier to find and discover music than it is today. While the world of social media can seem like a tornado of chaos, it is important to find the beauty in the madness. Your next favorite band, artist, or album is always just one click away. However, there are certain drawbacks to consider as well.


The Beauty: Music Streaming Services


Streaming services not only have changed the music industry completely, they have began to change the world’s view of music in general. This allows you to dissolve the barriers between musicians and fans, allowing beauty to take hold. Thanks to social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Tumblr, music is becoming more and more intertwined into the lives that we show people online.

Curiosity and wonder create the perfect mindset for music discovery, and this is beneficial to the artist and the fan alike. Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play are popular streaming services that are affordable, and can aid in your search for your new favorite song.


The Madness: The Artist’s Wallet


Your favorite band needs to make a living to. With streaming services replacing digital downloads and CD sales, independent artists are at the mercy of the streaming services to carry and promote their music. This is where the madness lies- word of mouth plays a huge role in the ability of the artist to be successful in this new world. Being dropped from a major streaming service could be the final nail in the coffin for many artists who already struggle financially. This is why it is important to support your favorite artists in more ways than streaming their music: go to concerts, buy merchandise, or purchase the record on vinyl- my personal favorite!


Bottom Line: Enjoy the Music!  


For better or worse, music streaming is here to stay. Subscribe to the platform that fits your needs best, and listen away! Always remember to use social media outlets to promote the music you love, so others can love it as well- and the artist can make their living.

How to increase your reach on social media

increase your reach on social media

Consumers prefer brands that favor transparency and honesty.

Do you want more followers? Of course you do. Social media marketing is inherently about popularity. The higher your reach, the more influence you have. And influence results in sales. But growing your audience can be easier said than done. Factors like brand integrity and engagement come into play. Read on to learn how to increase your reach on social media by capitalizing on these marketing strategies. Continue reading

How 280 Characters Changed Twitter–or Didn’t

280 characters changed twitterIt was September. Random accounts were chosen to get the update first—a controversial doubling of the character allowance on Twitter. People were furious. Obviously everything beautiful about the cleverly-crafted 140-character tweet would be dead.

Continue reading

Shooting Video on a Low Budget

Many people are intimidated when it comes to creating quality video on a low budget. With a few simple tips, you can begin creating videos that are engaging and will keep people around your pages longer. Like many mediums, a video tells a story. Before you shoot Continue reading

Social Media and Your Teenager

Congratulations if you’re a parent or guardian of a tween or teen today. While you might not feel so popular in today’s world, your kids are especially sought after by today’s digital marketers. Here are few things to keep in mind when it comes to social media and your teenager.

For cutting-edge brands like Apple to Adidas, teens are one of the more important of demographics. Roughly 90% of teens have used some form of social media and 75% have a profile on a social networking site. More than half of all American teens visit social networking sites every day. As marketing efforts focus more on achieving the loyalty of teens, what age is a good age when it comes to social media and your teenager? Commonsensemedia

The Magic Age of 13

Most social media platforms have followed the course of giants like Facebook and Instagram and set their age restriction at 13. (Watch out! It’s simple enough for anyone to lie about their age while signing up online.) Until then a Continue reading

Create social media videos on a budget

Girl using mobile phone to create social media video

Photograph by Mantas Hesthaven


You don’t need a big production budget to add engaging videos to your social media mix. You can easily create social media videos on a budget. In fact you can create engaging videos without spending a dime. Those low-cost videos are as close as your mobile phone. Just download a video editing app to your mobile phone and you are in business.

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