24K gold cuff with 3 quartz stones as example of the power of gemstones in fashion

The Power of Gemstones in Fashion

Continuing with our series of articles about the power of gemstones in fashion, we will cover the benefits attributed to quartz. First of all, its beauty enhances outfits from a wide variety of styles.

The versatility of quartz goes from hippie and boho to classic and contemporary. In addition, quartz is very common in high-end runways. Quartz adds elegance, transparency, and a fresh impression to your personality, regardless of your style. However, if you like to standout with unique styles, handmade jewelry is an excellent option for you. To give you an example, here is an authentic design handcrafted by Felipe Barbosa, a recognized artist from the spiritual city of San Miguel de Allende:

24K gold cuff with pink quartz as example of the power of gemstones in fashion

This 24K gold plated cuff is inspired by the Renaissance art movement. It has three pink quartz stones. As you can imagine, this elegant piece would elevate any white, black or pink outfit of any tonality. It would also look great with different tones of greens and blues. In addition, this statement cuff would be the perfect accessory to create a Greek Goddess look.

What About the Power of Gemstones in Fashion?

Quartz is a great example of the power of gemstones in fashion. Beyond its beauty, quartz has been attributed with properties of protection, healing, harmony, energy, and calmness.  It is perfect for people who work at the office in front of the computer for long periods. People use quartz for meditation. The main reason is because it balances the spirit, mind and physical body.

Quartz jewelry is the perfect gift for stylish people who like to explore alternative sources of healing. They like to feel protected while reflecting an image that translates clarity, freshness and spontaneity.

For more ideas on high-end and handcrafted designer jewelry made from gemstones, visit GenuineLifestyle.net or their Instagram page.

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