Study Skills

Why are study skills important?

Let’s first take a look at what is meant by study skills, and then consider why study skills are important.

People have different ideas of what is meant by study skills. Some people describe study skills as how you structure your time, or the approach you take when reading a book, or how you take notes. Other people define study skills by stating a big picture goal: to improve your performance in academic subjects. If you think about study skills beyond the context of school, you might point out that study skills play an important role in the life of working adults. While the definition of study skills vary, the good news is that the responses are all correct.

I think of study skills in the context of several activities, methodologies, and practices that are associated with learning. Specifically, I think of study skills in terms of the following components:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Organization Skills
  3. Time Management
  4. Note-Taking
  5. Communicating with Teachers
  6. Preparing for Quizzes, Tests, and Papers

These six components highlight some of the key elements of study skills. In the case of students, each component serves a an important role in one’s performance in the classroom, and ultimately the overall academic success of students.

In my How to Study Class, I explore these six elements of study skills (and much more) by engaging students in an interactive and fun learning environment. I provide actionable and easily implementable tools and strategies.

So why are study skills important? Here are my top three reasons:

Performance in School

Having strong study skills is often the key to earning good grades. Study skills help students perform well, irrespective of a student’s unique talents in any particular subject.

Woman in the library studying

Applicable to most subjects in school

Study skills are relevant to most, if not all, academic disciplines, e.g. math classes, history classes, science classes, art classes, etc. It doesn’t matter. The skills that encompass how you approach these subjects are relevant to the respective subject.

Boy studying math

Study skills will be useful throughout your life

The study skills that I talk about in my How to Study class are tools that can be used throughout your life. If you are middle or high school student, graduate student, or a business professional, you will find value in having strong study skills and my How to Study class.

Adult Studying

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