Sobriety at social settings

So as we end this class, one thing I want to leave you with is – if you are considering sobriety, you can still keep your friends and be social.

Sobriety may not be for everyone. You must be determined. You must desire it and see the benefit. But how do you handle sobriety at social settings?

What is a practical way you can function in a world surrounded with wine tastings, a wine bar alcohol at every social event and the like?  How do you function at a brunch, lunch, dinner, weddings, etc.? Well, you suck it buttercup.

Sobriety at social settings is the real test. But as you have learned from my previous blog and from my personal experience, the key is to stay busy.

If you have made up your mind and do your best to stay away from these events most of the time (most is the keyword), then you should be okay.

But what happens when you attend your company’s annual banquet, your best friends wedding, your friends baby reveal party, company dinner, etc.?

Use it to your advantage:

  1. At your company’s banquet, be someone’s favorite. Give your drink tickets to two separate coworkers interested in another drink.
  2. At weddings, do your friend (bride or groom) a favor and see how you can lend a hand instead of just sitting around dwindling your thumbs. Volunteer to help the wedding planner gather speakers. I’m sure if you ask your friend getting what they need help with at the wedding, they will have many options for you!
  3. At your friends baby’s reveal party, if you do not want to throw the party, help her host it. Your friend will probably be very pregnant by then and the last thing she wants to do is to be walking up and down while entertaining her guests. Stay close to her and see if she needs anything. In addition,  get to know her friends while carrying a club soda and lime.
  4. The hard one is at company dinner. Stand your ground. While you see your colleagues have a “good time”, order a virgin exotic drink and join the fun. If the opportunity arises and they begin talking about business, use this opportunity to get their buy-in for something you are passionate about.

Here is a great article about New Yorkers who are proud of their sobriety.

Are you ready to take on the sobriety challenge?

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