Practical activities do instead of drinking

Instead of drinking, try one of these activities like kayaking

Once you make the decision to be sober, consider these practical activities to do instead of drinking.

Once you made up your mind to be sober, you are half way there. Regardless of the reason why you stopped drinking, the temptation to give in is the same. To be sober, you must believe it, and that will also require becoming one.

You see your friends going out and having a “good time”. They tell you all about it at work, on social media and over text. You may even feel lonely in the beginning. However, this is completely normal.

We do not want you to feel lonely or anxious. Instead, when temptation comes knocking on your door, close the door immediately with one of these practical activities to do instead of drinking.

  1. Go for a run.
  2. Go for a hike.
  3. Try kayaking.
  4. Try paddle boarding.
  5. Go bicycling.
  6. Go swimming.
  7. Try to hang on rock climbing or bouldering.
  8. Try hot yoga.
  9. Master the art of bowling.
  10. Take ice skating classes.
  11. Visit a friend.
  12. Cook for and invite friends over for dinner.
  13. Volunteer weekly at your favorite nonprofit.
  14. Plant a herb.
  15. Go through every drawer and closet and donate items you have not used in the last 2 years.
  16. Deep clean your apartment/house.
  17. Paint the interior of your house.
  18. Organize your garage.
  19. Learn a new cuisine by taking classes.
  20. Join a bible study.
  21. Learn a new skill – sowing, crocheting, golf, photography, etc.
  22. Make new friends.
  23. Begin journaling.
  24. Read a book a month.
  25. Learn a new language.

Occupying yourself with a new challenge is crucial to continuing your sobriety. If you do not absorb this extra time with a challenge, you may very easily fall back into drinking. Therefore, learning a new skill and having something challenging to do will keep your mind preoccupied and motivated.

The word alcohol is derived from the Arabic word “Al-Kuhl” which means body-eating spirit. Instead of having a body eating spirit of intoxication, have a spirit full of life – try one of these practical activities to do instead of drinking.



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