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C-141 in the air cloud seeding

Cloud Seeding

Drinkable water has become more scarce as demand and population size has increased.  We must look for other ways to increase rainfall.  Cloud seeding is a means of changing the weather that might help. Continue reading

where people come to live, work, play and build

Addison Texas Is Where People Come to Live, Work, Play and Build

The greatest tiny town in North Texas is where it all comes together. It is Addison, Texas where people come to Live, Work, Play, and Build. Continue reading

Hidden Texas Gems: The Yellow Rose of Texas Edition

Ever wonder what north western Texan city is Spanish for yellow?

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Sister-City Relationships Coffee Talks

Being a French resident in the U.S., a European citizen, as well as a self-proclaimed citizen of the world, I am a natural advocate for sister-city relationships. However, some of my friends are rather skeptical about the whole sister-city thing. If you are not sure about where you stand on the topic, here are six coffee talks about the sister-city relationships to help you make up your mind.


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Who is Barbara? - Barbara Brown, past owner of Barbara's Pavillion

‘Who is Barbara?’ – a question heard at this Oak Cliff dive bar

Dozens of people have asked, ‘Who is Barbara?’ while sipping their cocktails at the Oak Cliff dive bar Barbara’s Pavillion.

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The Portuguese in Hawaii: A Story of my Ancestors

The Portuguese in Hawaii is a story I share often. I cherish my heritage. I am in awe at the strength and survival of my ancestors in an unknown land. My excitement is evident every time I get to tell people of the many “Hawaiian” things that actually came with the Portuguese settling in the islands. It’s a rich story, full of honor and pride.

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Kauai’s Wild Chicken: Here a chick, there a chick – everywhere a chick, chick!

Hawaii’s official State bird is the Hawaiian Goose, but on Kauai, everyone jokes that the “official” birds of the Garden Island are really Kauai’s wild chicken. They greet you as soon as you arrive at the airport. They’re on the beach, in the park, and at the local Walmart. They will will wake you up at 3 in the morning.  They can be seen roaming no matter where on the island you go. And Kauai’s wild chicken population is only exploding.

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Baseball games family memories are made and remembered for life

Baseball games family memories are made from the time you drive to the ballpark,  till the time you leave the game. Dad, Mom and kids watch a 9 inning game because clocks are not used to time baseball. Children are mesmerized by the boys of summer who engage in America’s pastime.

Family members’ baseball game experience begin with the drive to the ballpark. The family chatters during the ballpark traffic allowing them to get to know each other better. Family members can anticipate the game together conversing about their favorite players whom participate in America’s pastime.

Baseball games family memories made include the ball park walk

Baseball games family memories are made while walking to the stadium after you park. This phenomenon is called the ballpark walk. The baseball adventure begins with the ballpark walk. The ballpark walk is about the only time you are in a hurry at a game. It’s the brisk pace your legs move toward the turnstiles with the excitement building thinking of all the fun that’s ahead.

Baseball games family memories include security checks which are something today’s generation endures. Security checks were not prevalent in earlier days of baseball, however; 9-1-1 changed all that. you enter the turnstiles after a brief delay at the security check point. Children enter the turnstiles hoping to receive a promotional item like a bobble head, bat or glove. Promotional items are incentives with a purpose of getting extra-large crowds in the stadium.

baseball games family memories

Cigars aroma were a smell you sensed at the ballpark years ago. Little boys, Dads and grandfathers would smell the cigar. the cigar’s scent was synonymous with the game. Cigar aroma no longer exists inside the baseball stadium. Now days; you’re lucky to catch a whiff of second-hand smoke from the mouths  of smokers who are treated like second class citizens. Smokers hot box buds in a hurry to finish in time for the first pitch.

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oak cliff dive bar

An Oak Cliff private club: Join Barbara’s Pavillion

When you order a drink at Barbara’s Pavillion, you may feel like family. Actually, you joined this Oak Cliff private club. Continue reading

become a full-time influencer

10 Tips to Become a Full-Time Influencer

Most big-name internet stars were not overnight sensations. They have spent countless hours into creating content and marketing themselves offline. Some are only self-proclaimed celebrities with purchased followers and likes. These tips will help you support yourself on your journey while making sure to maintain the trust of your fans. Continue reading

Picture of French Gougeres

French Gougères Recipe: Give It A Try, Make it Your Own!

Gougères, pronounced: [ɡuʒɛʁ] are delicious yummy tiny cheese puffs from Burgundy. The French gougères recipe is all about the dough named Pâte à Choux. Burgundians love them warm from the oven with a Kir cocktail. Gougères are a must have bite when wine tasting in their cellars.  They also make a perfect starter with salad, soup, or cheese. Check out the French gougères recipe, give it a try, make it your own!

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Things You Hear When You Are Sober

things you hear when you are sober like life must be boring

One amusing thing about sobriety are the things you hear when you are sober.

When you let someone know you are sober, you get a distinct look (for better or for worse) and believe it or not, a level of respect you probably haven’t experienced before. Some will respect you more so while some will think you are “boring”.  They look at you puzzled and intrigued. Then following that intrigued look come some interesting comments.

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Coping with Alzheimer’s Dimentia

Cooping with Alzheimer’s  Dimentia  requires knowledge of the cause of the brain to slowly deteriorate and die. Alzheimer’s  Dimentia manifests itself in many different forms.  Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia accounting for 50-80% of all dementia.  Alzheimer’s is progressive and fatal.  Alzheimer’s disease  has  no current cure-only treatment for the symptoms to improve one’s “quality of life”