Barbara’s Pavillion introduces a new Oak Cliff bartender

Brady is the new bartender in Oak Cliff. Brady serves drinks at Barbara’s Pavillion on Friday night and Sunday from 4 p.m. to close.

Bartender’s virtual reality venture

Brady worked here before, but he left to pursue his video production career. His virtual reality application letB launched July 6. Brady decided to serve some drinks at his favorite community dive bar until he sees revenue from the project. He didn’t think he would bartend again, but he never thought he would be in Dallas for the last 15 years, either.

Barbara’s Pavillion bartender acted for Coppola

Brady moved from his hometown Baltimore to attend SMU as a Hilltop scholar. While in Dallas, Brady began taking acting lessons from Barbara’s Pavillion regular Michele. Michele introduced Brady to the bar eight years ago, and he’s known the manager Dan ever since.

He moved from acting to film production, but Brady says his favorite acting gig was playing the famous producer/director/writer Francis Ford Coppola in the live cinema production Distant Vision. He got to know Coppola over the 5-week production and talked with him frequently in the director’s Airstream that the 5-time Oscar winner has owned since the 1980’s. Coppola used it on the sets of The Godfather Part III and The Outsiders.

Former new Oak Cliff bartender writes Barbara’s Pavillion blogs

Brady never bartended before working at Barbara’s Pavillion the first time in 2015. His second tour through Barbara’s is to replace another person new to bartending, Cristy. That’s me. The writer of this blog.

I have enjoyed Barbara’s Pavillion for nine years as a customer and karaoke regular. I have so many more stories, and learned so much as the Sunday bartender the last nine months. This is the eighth and final blog that I wrote about Barbara’s Pavillion. I chose to write about the bar for an SMU CAPE class taught by Professor Steve Lee. I am so glad I did. Barbara’s Pavillion is rich with history, full of amusing stories, and a great place to be you.


Barbara’s Pavillion

325 Centre St., Dallas, TX 75208

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