Moxie Moves: The Active Diabetic

It’s obvious that your diet is essential to your overall health and the fight against diabetes. But equally as important is exercise. As a diabetic, any activity that has you up and moving is fundamental to allowing your body’s cells to absorb and use the glucose from the blood to fuel your body.

Get Moving

Regular exercise allows muscle movement that leads to greater sugar uptake and lowered blood sugar levels. Moving muscles use more glucose than resting muscles. A recommended minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity a day will provide for positive results.  The American Diabetes Association is a wonderful resource for fitness information.

Activity as simple as a brisk walk after lunch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking further from the entrance to the market will create greater muscle movement. Do not remain sedentary for long periods at a time. If you have been sitting at your desk or lounging on the sofa for more than two hours at a time, get up and move!

Doctor with chart giving Diabetic advice

Diabetic Glucose Levels

Be mindful that it is important to monitor your diabetic blood glucose levels. Lack of activity can cause blood glucose levels to rise causing hyperglycemia. Exercise can also cause a significant drop in your blood sugar levels resulting in an equally dangerous condition known as hypoglycemia. Strenuous exercise such as half-marathons requires even non-diabetics to keep the sugar levels up to fuel their bodies. If your blood glucose levels trend downward, be sure to have healthy carbohydrate snacks available during your activities

Diabetics running 5K

Make the Most of Your Life

You may find it difficult at first to discipline yourself to increased activity. Consider registering for 5K’s, walking or running, the energy of the event will make you feel motivated and inspired. If 5K’s are not your thing, how about signing up for yoga or dance classes. Finding an activity you enjoy will make it easy and fun to get your minimum 150 minutes a week of activity. This is your life, make the most of it!

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