Frida fest crowd showing how Frida fever continues

Frida Fever Continues

Beyond the furor of Frida’s birthday celebrations, the Frida fever continues influencing art and fashion around the world.

Crowd dressed as Frida showing that Firda fever continues

Last Thursday, July 6th, the Dallas Museum of Art congregated over 4,000 fans to celebrate Frida’s birthday. What was the goal? To set the world Guinness record of participants dressed as Frida in the same place. There were three requirements to participate: a pink or red shawl, a print-flower that extended over the knees, at least three artificial flowers as a hair piece, and an unibrow. Did the DMA achieve its objective? We do not know the exact number yet, but the estimate of people who qualified is over 1,000.


Now what? There is more awareness of Frida’s art, personality, and style. Additionally, there is more interest in learning about the reasons behind the symbols she liked, and how they are incorporated into today’s jewelry styles. Below are a few key examples:

Frida Fever Continues with Sacred Hearts

Frida loved Mexican Folk Art. As a consequence, the sacred heart, one of the most popular religious motifs in Mexico, is reflected in Frida-themed art pieces. How does this impact fashion in Dallas?  The Frida fever continues by wearing heart-shaped pendants, earrings, and bracelets. The first reason is that the Frida fest may have reinforced the affinity for Mexican Folk Art among a large Mexican-origin community in the Dallas area. The second reason is that heart-shaped accessories are key elements of popular styles such as bohemian, Southwestern and Western cowgirl looks.  Heart-shaped accessories are available in small boutiques and online stores such as If you need ideas on how to identify sacred hearts, just keep in mind that they are mostly made from German silver and come in different forms. Below are a few examples:

Heart with Flames on the top

Nicho heart pendant showing that Frida fever continues

Nicho heart pendant with flames. Designed by Felipe Barbosa

Sacred heart with a crown of thorns

Sacred heart showing that frida fever continues

A Sacred Heart designed by Felipe Barbosa. Available at

Hearts with a virgin nicho in the core

Nicho heart earrings showing that Frida fever continues

Heart earrings with virgin nicho. Designed by Felipe Barbosa.

Decorated with roses

Heart decorated with roses showing that Frida fever continues

Heart pendant with crown of roses and Swarovski crystals


Crosses are not only an important symbol from the Mexican Folk Art, they represent a key visual element of the American culture. In fact, many people wear crosses to embrace their faith. Crosses are very popular in western, bohemian and classic fashion styles. Therefore, the variety of designs to choose is huge. This means that there are options for any personality. As an example, below you can see two contrasting options designed by Felipe Barbosa in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico:

Yellow gold cross with freshwater pearls

Yellow gold cross with freshwater pearls showing that Frida fever continues

24K gold necklace with crosses, crystals and a medallion.

Antique glass cross with sacred heart

Cross pendant with sacred heart made from German silver and antique glass showing that Frida fever continues

Cross pendant with a sacred heart made from German silver and antique glass.

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