Parent and child arguing about college

Conflict in College Admissions

What to do when there’s conflict between parents and students about the college admissions process?

Stress in the admissions process

I address this question by first making the general statement: the college admissions process can be highly emotional. Students may feel anxious about being accepted or denied admission. Parents, understandably, my sometimes transfer their hopes and dreams for their child onto the student’s college search. If, for instance, a student’s approach to the college admissions process is different—dare I say opposite—from a parent’s approach, then both the student and the parent may find themselves in conflict. Herein is where things can get stressful.Communication is key

Communication is key

I encourage parents and students to maintain an ongoing dialogue about prospective college lists and the admissions process in general. Communicate. As I’ve suggested earlier, the student is the person who needs to be proactive in choosing a college. Students, as I say, should feel a sense of personal responsibility for their search. Once you (the student) actually start a college, then you will be the person who is accountable for going to class and doing the work. If you feel positive about where you are attending school, there is a greater chance you will perform better in school, enjoy your college years, and graduate on time. Learn more about my college counseling services here. 

Communication between parent and child

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