College Applications

College Application Forms

Which forms or applications do you need in order to apply to a college?

The college or university application

Colleges produce admissions applications that you can use for their school. Students should complete an application for each school.

The Common Application

The Common ApplicationAn increasingly popular way to apply to college is by completing the Common Application. The Common Application is a standard form. It can be submitted to as many schools as you want. You must pay for each submission. The advantage of using the Common Application is that you only have to complete one application form. The Common Application saves you time. You can focus on one application. However, some colleges that accept the Common Application require supplemental short essays. Depending on the school, there could be several supplemental essays. Visit for more details.

The Universal Application

The Universal Application is another option for students. Students complete one application and choose among a list of member schools. The Universal Application can be downloaded at

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