become a full-time influencer

10 Tips to Become a Full-Time Influencer

Most big-name internet stars were not overnight sensations. They have spent countless hours into creating content and marketing themselves offline. Some are only self-proclaimed celebrities with purchased followers and likes. These tips will help you support yourself on your journey while making sure to maintain the trust of your fans.

So You Wanna Become a Full-Time Influencer

  1. Money pays the bills. Not likes. You will need financial support for necessities, equipment to better your content, and savings. YouTube does not provide health insurance for its top creators either. Put down the Sugar Daddy, and check out where artists can request fan-funding. Make sure to complete and frequently update your profile. You may also want to get into coupon-ing. become a full-time influencer
  2. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Yes, you will read that frequency is a big part of appeasing your fan-base, but you also don’t want to spew average content. Take your time with planning your ideas and focusing on production, so you’re not cursing during the editing process. If you miss a deadline, don’t ghost your following. Address the matter and work harder to never disappoint them again.
  3. Drama gets old. Fast. Smaller accounts sometimes attempt to gain traffic by criticizing more popular members, especially on YouTube. Burning bridges left and right will give you a reputation. Plus, you lose collaboration opportunities with the user and the user’s friends that you dissed.
  4. Spread the word. Beat it to death. You can constantly share your content on Facebook, purchase a Google ad, or pathetically follow somebody in hopes of a follow back; but, you must take advantage of other marketing tactics to achieve big numbers. Make business cards and hand them to the girl you made friends with in the bar’s line for the bathroom. Be proud of your content. Always.
  5. Let’s talk sponsorships. If companies aren’t filling your inbox, try reaching out to local, smaller brands for a collaboration opportunity. Whenever you do receive a product or service, try it out to its fullest. Honest opinions are respected and make your audience more accepting of sponsored posts. Lastly, take the time to evaluate your self-worth. You do not need to be appreciative of the opportunity and work for free. become a full-time influencer
  6. Collaboration is key. There is an African proverb that explains you can go faster alone, but farther together. Sometimes the way to unlock other audiences is by joining forces with another influencer, and that influencer does not have to be on the same platform as you. If a YouTuber has a lot of travel vlogs, then why not partner with a travel blogger solely with a WordPress site? Besides, it’s probably good to have friends in the business.
  7. Be raw in a perfect illusion. Users feel more connected with people whom they feel are transparent and confident about being vulnerable. However, humans still love to chase perfection, which is how the Kardashian Klan continues to dominate. If you want to dress up for the camera or put effort into better production quality, you are not making your video fake.
  8. Dealing with the hate. The internet craves throwing shade, starting drama, and being extra. But pettiness is simply a trend and no more. If somebody leaves a negative comment, simply ignore it. If they harass you, block them. You don’t need to apologize for your actions because it is YOUR account.
  9. Cater to your audience. Stick to posting content that you love to make, then have your audience sculpt your focus. Ask your followers what they want to see next. The simple act is a stepping stone to building a relationship with your fans and getting them more excited to engage with your future posts.
  10. Please, please, please change. When influencers adjust their direction or create better quality content because they have begun to see a rise in traffic and followers, there will always be a group accusing you of changing. Evaluate yourself. If you love this change, embrace it. People don’t remain the same forever.

Do you have advice for any upcoming influencers? Sound off in the comments!

become a full-time influencer

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