What Is Musical.ly? – A Guide for the Baby Boomers

With over 100 million users, most people over the age of 18 have no idea that this app exists. It returns to the music video craze from YouTube’s beginning years, but now through a smartphone in condensed form like all other social media fashions.

So, go on…. what is Musical.ly?

Pronounced without the period, this app fuses selfies and music videos for Generation X to create fire tracks as if they are Ariana Grande (Millennials read: Britney Spears; Baby Boomers read: Madonna). Users, referred as ‘musers’ on the app, select a song or audio from a sketch and record a snippet. Although seemingly comparable to Vine, they launched two different types of celebrities. Comedians thrived on Vine, while Musical.ly rewards the ones with dancing talent and pretty faces.App Icon for What is Musical.ly

The app features Snapchat-like stories (60 seconds max) and a live stream option. Because many musers found their fame solely through Musical.ly, they utilize both attributes to constantly communicate with fans. A typical celebrity muser posts about three times a day.

Musical.ly indulges in the social aspect with hashtags that sometimes link to challenges, actual contests, virtual gifts, and the ability to like, comment, and share your creations on other platforms such as Instagram. Its homepage features the top-viewed posts. Many musers treat this platform like YouTube by collaborating with others to gain followers and agreeing to sponsored posts that include product placement.

Want the app? Download by clicking here. Already made great content on the app? Share your username in the comments below!

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