the best songs about family

the best songs about family spark memories involving trials tribulations and love; here are the best songs about family of all time

The best songs about family stir memories of trials, tribulations and love. They spark emotions in your soul. Songs about family remind you of the love you have for your blood relatives.

Memories and emotions live inside of you you forever and are rekindled when you hear certain songs. Whether it be a song about a son or daughter,  admiration for a parent teaching you right from wrong or conflicts between siblings; songs about family bring us back in time.  They bring us to a time in our life when we battled and celebrated our relationships with our blood relatives.

Let’s hand out our awards for the best songs about family; the best of all time.

Feel free to agree or disagree. Millions of songs have been made and someone’s opinion on which is best is simply that an opinion. Everyone has one.

Think of the songs you remember and like most that are about family and down load them and listen to them. You can go back in time and remember and reminisce about the people in your life you are or at one time were closest to.

Winner of best overall song about family is Sister Sledge’s “We are Family.” The lyrics says that we are family,  I got all my sisters with me.  We are family.  Get up everybody and sing.

It is a reminder of how close sisters can be. They rely on each other’s support to help get through this adventure we call life.

the best songs about family


The best songs about family include those about the relationship between father and son

The best songs about family involve the relationship between a father and son because they stir emotions of trial, tribulations and love. The winner of the best song ever about the relationship between a father and son is (drum roll please);  a tie between Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Cradle” and Cat Steven’s” Father & Son”.

Father & Son is a beautiful song about a father’s love for a son and the time he spends telling him right from wrong. You go away with a feeling that the father is doing a great job spending time with his boy molding into what he will eventually be; a loyal husband and father.

the best songs about family

On the opposite side of the spectrum from Father to Son is Cats in the Cradle, a story of a dad who does not spend time with his boy. Despite the fact that the Father is never home; the son still perceives him as a hero, wanting to be like him. When he grows up he ends up just like him. He doesn’t even give his dad the time of day. There is truth to the saying; The acorn doesn’t fall from the tree. The song makes you cry but the reality is; not all families are like the perfect ones portrayed in 70’s TV shows.

the best songs about family


Song’s about family include music about brothers relationships and the winner in this category is “He Aint heavy he’s my brother”

The winner of the best song about the relationship between brothers is the Hollies “He aint heavy he’s my brother.” This song is about the unconditional love brother’s share for each other. The song he aint heavy he’s my brother teaches us that life is a long road. Regardless of what happens during that long road we call life, brothers are not burdens. Brothers are children from the same parents and they share the same blood and no matter how many fights or disagreements they encounter, they should always try to make up. Life is too short.

the best songs about family

Songs about family and their trials, tribulations and love are everywhere. They are the Am and FM radio, internet, satellite, CD and most importantly in our memories. There are too many songs about family to talk about and hand out awards for in this story.

Listen to songs about family and all the trials, tribulations and love. See if it’s  true; they stir emotions. Keep listening to songs about family and go back in time remembering all the happy and sad moments because with music and songs about family;  you stay emotionally alive.

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