The 230 restaurants in Addison Texas: How to Try Them All

The 230 Restaurant in Addison: How to Try Them All

Addison, Texas, in North Dallas, is a tiny town of 15,800. The 230 restaurants in Addison average one for every 70 residents.  This high density brings visitors looking for a central location with many dining options. 

100,000+ workers commute to Addison each day. Most dine in the 230 restaurants in Addison. In addition, tens of thousands from the Dallas-Fort Worth area for whom Addison is a favorite dining stop. As a result, Addison’s restaurants thrive year after year.

Addison is known as the Restaurant Capital of the World. Not only is the number of restaurants vast but the variety of cuisine available in Addison is surprising. To better explore this variety, let’s divide Addison’s restaurant district into quarters. The dividing lines are the Dallas North Tollway and Belt Line Road.

The 230 Restaurants in Addison Progressive Dinner

Here is a sample Progressive Dinner, of sorts, with one destination from each of Addison’s four quarters. Each describes a Course of this would be meal. First, the Course type is shown, followed by the name of the restaurant where the course can be found. Then the Quarter of Addison  where the restaurant is located which shows quality dining exists throughout the town:


This wine list is superb! 100 wines by the glass and another 50 by the bottle. The artwork is food for the eyes. White Truffle Parmesan Pommes Frites drizzled with white truffle oil and shaved parmesan. Mac & Cheese White Truffle Gratin and Pate Plate of Country Pork Pate and Mouse Truffle slices.


Texas De Brazil's Grilled Beef Picanha on skewer is a featured menu item at one of the 230 Restaurants in Addison Texas.

Ahi Tuna Salad, served rare, with Cashews and a Sesame Ginger Vinaigrette Dressing. The piece de resistance is fresh from the oven Popovers and Honey Butter. This 1940’s style chophouse is friendlier and more relaxed than the decor and prices would indicate. Have a Martini here served from Grey Goose perfectly chilled in the signature tap system.


Brazilian Steakhouse and Churrascaria. This Southern Brazil meets Texas meat fest of grilled pork, beef, lamb, chicken and Brazilian sausage speaks for itself.


Chocolate Lovers PIÑATA filled with housemade mini churros, fresh strawberries, and chocolate empanada bites. Served with housemade whipped cream, topped with shaved Belgian dark chocolate, and homemade semi-sweet chocolate sauce.


Try the 230 Restaurants in Addison

This tasty mini-tour of some of the 230 restaurants in Addison only the begins to explore the town’s culinary offerings. Therefore, it might take a year or two, and gastronomical commitment, but one can eat one’s way through all of them. Does the tiny town of Addison have too many restaurants? Decide for yourself, one restaurant at a time.

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