Runners compte in Jalapeno Half while summer running in Texas

Summer Running in Texas Calls for Sweating Early and Often

Did you get in some miles during the sauna-like heat last week? If so, congratulations! You you have what it takes for summer running in Texas. So why not put your fortitude to the test by signing up for a race?

An earlier post in this series mentioned the World’s Toughest Half Challenge. This racing trifecta offers bragging rights for those crazy enough to accept the challenge. If that describes you, then be sure and sign up for the first race in the series, the Jalapeno Half on June 25.

Summer Running in Texas: Time to sweat

Whether you plan to race or just maintain summer running in Texas requires acclimation. And this involves the ability to sweat early and often. You can’t exactly train yourself to sweat on command. However knowing the science behind sweating can help you recognize early warning signs of heat illness.

As mentioned in a previous post, runners’ sweat rates vary. And you can even measure your sweat rate to ensure you are replacing fluids at the right pace. In general, though, as you acclimate, your will sweat earlier and more profusely. But don’t let this alarm you. Many experts believe a higher sweat rate correlates with higher fitness levels. Where it may become annoying however, is when you take a casual stroll or do some light yard work and find yourself immediately drenched in sweat.

How to dress for summer running in Texas

Medal for Jalapeno HalfIn addition to hydrating properly, you will want to dress appropriately for summer running in Texas. Light clothing reflects sunlight, but becomes a bit, ahem, revealing when sopping wet. (Think wet T-shirt contest)!

Wet clothing can also lead to chafing, so be sure to invest in moisture-wicking socks to keep blisters at bay. You may also want to trade your loose running shorts for a more form-fitting type to cut down on the dreaded inner-thigh chafe. And of course, you will want to ensure your undergarments are up to the task!

The next post will focus on what to expect on race day. In the meantime, go sign up for a race. Summer running in Texas will test your mettle, so why not earn a medal?

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