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Lava Rock and Pele’s Curse

Souvenirs are old as time. The desire to take home a small piece of paradise while visiting Hawaii is pretty common. No place on Earth is this truer than at Kilauea. However, a guest to Hawaii must remember that superstitions blow like a tropical breeze. One of the most well-known stories is about Lava Rock and Pele’s Curse.

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Oak Cliff bar live music show

Barbara’s Pavillion in Oak Cliff proves dive bars can host music shows

The first Friday this June brought heavy rains through the evening in Dallas, but by 9:30 p.m., Oak Cliff’s dive bar, Barbara’s Pavillion put on a  live show with Ronnie Heart along with Adam & the Figurines. Continue reading

Infrared image of city showing urban heat island

Urban Heat Islands Are Growing

Urban heat islands are growing in America, and we need to be aware.  As cities are sprawling out into the countryside these islands are growing.  An urban heat island is a metropolitan area that is significantly warmer than its surroundings. Continue reading

Road Tripping deep in the heart of Houston, TX Baby

What do the words Beyoncé and NASA have in common?

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What Is – A Guide for the Baby Boomers

With over 100 million users, most people over the age of 18 have no idea that this app exists. It returns to the music video craze from YouTube’s beginning years, but now through a smartphone in condensed form like all other social media fashions. Continue reading

Peaceful baby that doesn't need help sleeping.

Need help sleeping? Try these natural options.

You have a million things to do tomorrow, but you’re sitting in bed wide awake. Sound familiar? There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to catch some zzz’s. Continue reading

Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color

Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color


Are you ready for Summer ’17? Well the countdown starts today – – 10 days till summer. Good Vibes #SquadGoals Summer Hair Color is all about enjoying long days and lazy nights with friends and the best summer look possible.

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live a sober life by giving back to your community

How to live a sober life

What are some things that help live a sober life and kick off this new lifestyle?

You’ve already made the decision to stay away from the bar and you’ve tried one of these free weekend activities. The key to live a sober life is to occupy yourself with positive activities where you would have said yes to happy hour.

So, after you tried some free weekend activities, now what? How do you really enjoy and live a sober-life?  Continue reading

Social Media Report Example

Please use this report as a guide when you produce your own weekly analytics report.

SocMe RPT Abigail Foster


Professor of Practice at Southern Methodist University

Among interactive company CEOs and professors, Steve Lee is not exactly normal. Don’t think that gray hair makes him the old guy – decades of business experience combined with technical understanding make for a powerful combination. Now add the ability to teach it and you have magic.

Texas Tropical Treasures: South Padre Island Edition

Welcome to your own tropical island- South Padre

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Selling Jets at Addison Texas Airport Can You Afford One? Addison Airport Plane Landing

Selling Jets at the Addison Texas Airport

Airplane brokers are selling jets at the Addison Texas Airport. Art imitates life as a reality show on this topic becomes more popular. Its popularity reveals the truth about Jet ownership. 
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Black Off the shoulder dress Frida Kahlo style

Ideas to Create a Trendy Frida Kahlo Style

Don’t wait for Halloween to dress like your favorite artist. Here are three fashion trends that you can use to create your own Frida Kahlo style and stay current: Continue reading

vegetable crudite bowl healthy dining options in Dallas

Deliciously Healthy Restaurants in Dallas

The Dallas dining scene is full of indulgent destinations. I reserve the weekend for my cheat meals, and notice I said meals with an “s”, but occasionally I still crave a crisp salad. A couple of years ago the options for healthy food were very limited. As the Dallas area’s fitness landscape blossomed, so did the availability of healthy choices. While poke bowls are a tasty & healthy treat, it is great to have other healthy options available around Dallas. Here is a taste of a couple deliciously healthy restaurants in Dallas. Continue reading

Family succeed life inspires

Family inspires us to succeed in life

Family inspires you to keep grinding to succeed in life. When you fail at work focus on  your family. Never give up.  Mount family pictures in your work area. Look at them and you’ll never throw in the towel.

If you’re married,  hang a picture of you and your spouse where you can see it from your desk. Display your children’s where you can gaze at them.Strive to make your grandchildren’s pictures visible. Do this so you are constantly reminded to succeed for their sake.

family will inspire you succeed in life

Honesty and hard work will inspire you and  your family to succeed in life. A wise person said that if you are caught doing something wrong it’s not only your reputation you’re tarnishing. Your are also ruining the reputation of your parents, kids and other family members.  Think about it. How embarrassing is it for family members who have your last name when you do something wrong? What if it’s published or made public. Kids are embarrassed in school. Your spouse is judged and  laughed at behind her back at work. Your parents are shamed.

Set an example so that your family has someone they can emulate.  Have you ever heard the old saying, monkey see monkey do? Your children and their children are watching. Don’t just say to them to do what you say and not what you do. This will not work especially if they see that you are reaping benefits doing things that are dishonest. They will think that you can stock pile wealth and happiness by cheating the system.  They’ll think it’s normal to break laws, be dishonest and do whatever it take to succeed in life and business. You need to set the standard for honesty and integrity.

family members will succeed in life by telling  the truth, being honest and working hard.

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cloud plume of an atmospheric river on the west coast

What Is an Atmospheric River?

An atmospheric river is a long and narrow band of water vapor that forms over an ocean and flows through the sky.  Well, that should be simple to see.  But what are these fast moving abundant
plumes of moisture really up to? Continue reading

Kir Drink from Dijon

The Man Behind The Kir Cocktail: Learn The Story And The Original Recipe

Fall 2017 marks the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the twinning between Dallas and Dijon, the French capital of Gastronomy and Wine. Dijon is famous for its mustard, gingerbread, escargots and fabulous wines. Well, another gem traveled directly from Dijon to Dallas and prided itself on having achieved global fame. Meet the Kir cocktail! Familiar or not with Kir, you may want to learn about the man behind the Kir cocktail, the story and the recipe that makes Kir original. If so, this blog is for you.

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Runner drinking from a water bottle

Keep Your Cool While Running in Texas this Summer

June got off to a rainy start in North Texas. But summer usually brings heat, humidity and lots of sweat. Staying hydrated requires more than a water bottle. You need a plan to keep your cool while running in Texas during the summer.

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Do Popular Users On Snapchat Make Money?

Advertisements and #sponsored posts dominate the platforms of YouTube and Instagram where influencers can post commercial-perfect content for revenue. So, why do so many public figures spend so much time on Snapchat when their content will disappear? Are these popular users on Snapchat make money? Continue reading

To Do List

Reduce stress at home by building your personal network

You spend a lot of time building your professional network. Why not invest in your personal one as well? Building relationships with people that you can trust, share ideas with and get inspiration from can go a long way to reduce stress at home. Continue reading

Boston Marathon runners cope with the heat

Texas Summer Running: Drink up! (But Not Too Much)

Texas summer running requires proper hydration. However, drinking too much water can cause serious consequences as well. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and planning, you can master the art of hydration.

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What It’s Like To Be A Twin!

As an identical twin, I can attest to the fact that most everyone wonders what it’s like to be a twin. It’s estimated that only 3% of the population is a twin. With such small odds, it’s no wonder most people are so intrigued. The questions we get are as identical as we are. How do I tell you apart? Is the “sixth sense” thing real? Which one is older? Did you secretly swap boyfriends in high school?  We have had a fun life, filled with unique experiences only twins can share. We relish the opportunity to tell the vested listener all about it.

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Oak Cliff bar potluck reunion

Oak Cliff bar hosts 4th annual potluck reunion

Oak Cliff bar potluck reunionOak Cliff bar Barbara’s Pavillion will host the 4th annual potluck reunion on Sunday, June 25 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Double Dee Karaoke starts at 7 p.m. Come to eat, sing, drink, and visit with friends from the past and make new friends. Continue reading

VR Travel Club


The VR Travel Club provides  travel opportunities to distant and exotic places.  Fosters a sense of community among fellow travelers.  Increases computer skills.  Enhances cognitive skills. Continue reading

Food For Thought Light Bulb

Living with Diabetes: Food for Thought!

Making healthy choices is crucial to managing your blood glucose levels. Along with physical activity (and medication, if prescribed), healthy food choices are essential. A smart meal plan will not only aid in the success of living with Diabetes but overall health. The risk of heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cancers are also significantly reduced by following a healthy diet. Continue reading

Pre-Diabetes Wake-Up Call Megaphone on Red Background

Pre-Diabetes: The Wake-up Call

If you have received a Pre-Diabetes diagnosis, then you are one in over 86 million Americans at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes within six months to five years. But it’s not too late to answer the call to action!

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Picture of Coco Chanel in 1920

Dallas-Dijon Twinning: Chanel, Guest of Honor of Dallas

Dallas enjoys a special relationship with Chanel.  This relationship elevated Chanel to an eternal guest of honor of Dallas. This fashion love affair started back in 1957 in the context of the launch of the Dallas-Dijon twinning. Today more than ever, the spirit of the double initial C brand founder, endures in Dallas.

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What Is Snapchat? – A Millennial Perspective to Baby Boomers

Filtered selfies are the easy answer to the question what is Snapchat? Addressing every app with the umbrella term ‘social media’ doesn’t makes you understand the uniqueness of each platform. The way you interact varies per app as each one holds its own personality, culture, and reason to unlock. Continue reading

chalk drawing with words don't be a statistic

Type 2 Diabetes: The Silent Killer

Are you one of the 1 in 4 living with this silent killer inside and do not even realize?

In a culture hijacked by sugar, the average American consumes 85 grams a day! That’s 170 pounds a year! Continue reading

cousins are friends forever, especially first cousins

cousinsYour first cousins should be your friends forever. Siblings live together under the same roof. There may  may be issues preventing siblings from becoming life long friends. However, cousins are almost as close as siblings genetically. Cousins can end up closer friends than brothers and sisters.

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How to unplug on vacation

Are you ready for a summer escape? If so, you want a vacation that is as stress free as possible.   Continue reading