Oak Cliff bar live music show

Barbara’s Pavillion in Oak Cliff proves dive bars can host music shows

The first Friday this June brought heavy rains through the evening in Dallas, but by 9:30 p.m., Oak Cliff’s dive bar, Barbara’s Pavillion put on a  live show with Ronnie Heart along with Adam & the Figurines.

Adam & the Figurines show full of original music

Oak Cliff bar live music show

Adam and four figurines kicked off the show with “I Gave you Everything” by Irma Thomas, but filled the hour with originals. But, mid-set, keyboardist Kate sang  “You’ll Lose a Good a Thing” by Barbara Lynn, which left bartender/owner Dan slack-jawed.

Ronnie Heart plays and dances with the music

Ronnie’s three-piece band played his originals the last hour of the night with a small tease of “Pony” by Ginuwine. The crowd reacted to what Ronnie deems, “one of the sexiest songs ever made”.

Oak Cliff bar live music show

The opening band shared their sound system with Ronnie’s band, and Ronnie’s dance moves filled the same space as the Figurines’ instruments. The cocktails in hand, filled the space between Ronnie’s twists and riffs, and the audience.

Oak Cliff bar live music show

Ronnie, “My most fashionable friends showed up!”

The bar was split between band fans and Barbara’s regulars. But the regulars soon converted to fans as they whipped out smart phones to capture the occasion. They were impressed by the music and adaptability of the small dive as a pseudo music venue. Ronnie loved the vibe and said, “The décor is to die for.”

“We had a fantastic night overall,” said lead singer and show curator Adam, “It was an experiment  – I wanted to play at my favorite bar.” The Barbara’s Pavillion team had a good time, too. You all are welcome back anytime – with or without your instruments.


Barbara’s Pavillion

325 Centre St., Dallas, TX 75208


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