live a sober life by giving back to your community

How to live a sober life

What are some things that help live a sober life and kick off this new lifestyle?

You’ve already made the decision to stay away from the bar and you’ve tried one of these free weekend activities. The key to live a sober life is to occupy yourself with positive activities where you would have said yes to happy hour.

So, after you tried some free weekend activities, now what? How do you really enjoy and live a sober-life? 

Help someone else less fortunate.

Giving money, time or donating items can add more meaning to your life. Why? Because you put your needs aside and think about the less fortunate. You look at life through different lenses realizing there’s too many needs out there and not enough to go around.

Next, helping those in needs increases your brain health leaving you feeling good, and feeling good is a good thing when you living a sober life.

Whether you believe in a cause about education, health, arts, community or the like, helping those less fortunate will help you impact change in your community. What more can give you the same satisfaction? Donating time to your preferred cause is always best, but tangible donations always goes a long way with nonprofits.

live a sober life by donating to nonprofits

Here is a list of items to consider donating:

*Donate all your wine glasses and glass shots. Not only do you not have any more use for this glassware, but donating these items will keep your cupboards free of clutter. In addition, go through your kitchen and donate old pans. Your local thrift store including Salvation Army will accept your donations. Don’t forget to donate your drink shaker. You’ll be happy you did!

*One of the major needs of families in need is clothes, specially for working parents. Therefore, donate clothes that do not fit you or that you have not worn in the last 2 years.

*Donate those evening gowns and old prom dresses to a charitable organization who in turn donates these or sells them at a low price to high school girls who otherwise would not be able to attend their high school prom. Dallas Casa is an example of a nonprofit who collects gently worn prom dresses.

*Donate your older business attire. Nonprofits like Dress for Success or Genesis Women’s Shelter accept business suits and in turn give women a suit to attend interviews and jobs.

Finally, consider donating your time to inspire at-risk youth with nonprofits like Big Brothers, Big Sister, and Knowledge is Power Program. Help empower children in your local community make wiser decisions and stay in school.

So what is the next step to live a sober life? Give to charity.

This summer do not forget about charity-giving. It will make you feel awfully good.


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