Increase your physical activity to the limit and you won’t want to drink again

increase your physical activity

Increase your physical activity and feel awesome.

Since you made the commitment to stay sober, what will you do with this new found time and money? An option is, consider picking up a new hobby that will increase your physical activity.

When I stopped drinking, I occupied myself with working out. And I mean a real work out. This helped me not only stay busy but it gave me a challenge to look forward to. In fact, research shows  when you work out endorphins kick in and you start feeling what is known as a “runners high” which is a high you feel for accomplishing something. This “high” in turn makes you feel positive about yourself. When you increase your physical activity to the limit, you are pushing yourself outside of your comfort zones, your mood increases and your self esteem improves. Not to mention when you increase your physical activity, you look better and your clothes will tell you so.

If you want more money for your buck, consider these ways to increase your physical activity.

Spend your money on these things, instead of drinks.

  • Psycho Gym – This gym is psycho. Their style is very barbaric, and it works. They use kettle bells, rops and bars. Not quiet cross training, but on a different intensity level. You do 30 second intervals of work outs such as swings, burpees, mountain climbers, box jumps, etc. Nice work out gloves will help tremendously and will help your hands stay callus free. It is pricey, but when you consider how much you spend on drinks per month, you will realize this is much cheaper. In addition, the health benefits are way more substantial than any expensive drink you’ve had.
  • Camp Gladiator – The benefit of this gym is their locations and price point. With over 300 locations to choose not only in DFW but nationwide, this outdoor bootcamp style workout will offer the convenience of early morning and evening work outs. For example, their earliest work outs start at 5:30 am work outs and as late as 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday. Two trainers meet with the class at designated parks, parking lots, etc. and give you direction and instruction on workouts such as strength training, interval training and metabolic training. Their membership starts at $69 per month with a 12 month commitment. Don’t forget your dumbbells, water bottle and matt.

In addition, if you are wanting to really make a commitment to improving your physical wellness, another way to increase your physical activity is with road cycling or kayaking. You can find many cycling groups as well as kayaking groups that meet on a weekly basis on websites such as and

A decent road bike starts at around $500 and up. Same for kayaks. It is very important that you get measured adequately when buying equipment and gear for these two sports as you will need to get fitted for your height and weight. Equipment and gear for these two sports will be an investment, but the returns will be tangible, not like drinks. No pun intended.

Finally, for cycling, you may want to consider getting some shorts with extra padding. You will be very happy for this tip after your first road cycling trip.

Have you tried any of these ways to increase your physical activity?

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