Black Off the shoulder dress Frida Kahlo style

Ideas to Create a Trendy Frida Kahlo Style

Don’t wait for Halloween to dress like your favorite artist. Here are three fashion trends that you can use to create your own Frida Kahlo style and stay current:

Frida Kahlo Style Floral Designs

Frida Kahlo style flower dres

Flowers represent one of the most iconic elements of Frida Kahlo style. Since Frida loved her Mexican culture, she used embroidered flowers on her clothes. This was a way to show the vivid colors from the exotic Mexican nature and her paintings. She also liked to wear hair pieces with fresh and handmade flowers. Today, embroidered designs and flowers are two top summer trends.

Off-the-shoulder Tops

Black Off the shoulder dress Frida Kahlo style

Off-the-shoulder shirts came back to stay for several years. This style is not from the 40’s or 50’s or 60’s.It is the modern edition of the peasant shirt that came from Europe in the mid Eighteen hundred’s. Frida Kahlo used off shoulder styles to display her favorite Mexican flowers and symbols. Nowadays, an off-the-shoulder shirt is a great investment to make, if you do not have one yet.

Vivid Colors

striped dress showing vivid colors and barbosa jewelry with Frida Kahlo style

Vibrant colors translate Frida Kahlo style and Latin American cultures in general. Hot pinks, bright reds, intense blues, greens, plus citric yellows and oranges are in this summer. This is a perfect time catch everybody’s eyes.

Frida Kahlo Style Accessories

Heart-shaped Frida Kahlo style earrings showing Frida's portraitThere is a lot of symbolism in Frida Kahlo style and one of the best ways to reflect her style on your outfit is by adding accessories that represent her image, her symbols or her loved Mexican folk style. Some ideas include heart-shaped jewelry, trendy layered necklaces with pendants and jewelry pieces featuring her image. Your Paris Market offers great handmade options designed by Felipe Barbosa, a recognized artist from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Frida Kahlo style crosses and hearts on the background and model wearing a vivid colors skirt

Frida Kahlo Style has influenced current fashion styles around the world, from high-end European runways to small boutiques in Paris, and across the United States. It is an everlasting and impactful fashion that you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

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