How to unplug on vacation

Are you ready for a summer escape? If so, you want a vacation that is as stress free as possible.  Before you reach for your devices during the break, remember it won’t leave you refreshed and recharged when you get back. Help reduce the temptation of checking in and unplug on vacation by following a few steps:Beach umbrella


Don’t feel guilty

This is the hardest one! But just remember, The benefits far outweigh any inconvenience at the office. Did you know vacations are good for your heart? Those who take regular time off are 30% less likely to die of heart disease. It’s also good for your career. Workers who take more vacation time receive better performance reviews and employers see lower turnover rates. So, go ahead and unplug on vacation, and don’t let the guilt creep in.

Make a Plan

Find someone that can cover for you while you are out. They will need a vacation sometime too, and you can return the favor. Give as much information as you can before you leave, and trust them to handle pressing matters while you’re gone. Let everyone know well ahead a time that you will be gone. Don’t forget about personal affairs as well. Pay bills in advance and tell friends and family that you plan to unplug on vacation (unless it’s an emergency). Texts from Aunt Mary about the latest family drama can wait.

Unplug on vacation

What does that mean? A hotel without wifi is almost unheard of these days. You don’t have to completely unplug from the world, but make a commitment ahead of time that you’ll limit your device use. Tell those traveling with you, so you can hold each other accountable. If this seems too hard, pick a destination with bad cell service and limited wifi. They still exist! Here’s a few to dream about. 

The worst vacation is the kind where you come back just as stressed as you left. Plan for an unplugged vacation and leave your worries, and e-mails, behind.


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