How Companies Can Reach Generation X

A generation born into the realm of high-degree celebrity scandals and immediate access to information is uninterested in today’s digital marketing tactics. Witty headlines no longer bait the younger crowd, referred to as Generation X. A provocative image no longer turns heads. The competition for companies to reach Generation X remains fierce. How do we tap into these minds?

The Key to Reach Generation X

Before we target them, we need to realize their social world. People of all ages have the top platforms, but that doesn’t mean GenX instinctively uses each one. This generation enjoys real-time, quick content apps such as Snapchat and They would rather express themselves simply through image and caption on Instagram than create the diary status update on Facebook like a Millennial.

reach generation xIf companies respect the status of a Snapchat or celebrity, they walk down the road of a beautiful friendship. Companies can perform successful product placement marketing within influencers’ content as long as they do not disrupt the authenticity of the influencer onscreen. As soon as it feels like an advertisement, viewers will tap to the next snap.

Another strategy for companies is to invite an influencer to take over their social accounts. If the influencer reigns Snapchat, it is best for them to remain on Snapchat; however, this does not mean a company should create a social account for a campaign. If it doesn’t fit the brand or there aren’t the resources to tend to a new platform, a company will be setting themselves up for failure.

CALLING ALL SNAPCHATTERS — What do you wish companies knew about Snapchat? Sound off in the comments!

reach generation x


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