Fathers grasp families leadership

Fathers grasp families leadership

Fathers grasp  families leadership but they’re also saddled with a boat load  of responsibility. They march through  the battle field of life leading their troops while educating them on right from wrong. They construct a hedge of protection around their family. They provide for them. There are things fathers can do to triumph as head of the family.

Erecting the families home on a sturdy foundation should enamor fathers and they should  coach their family on the importance of pleasing a higher being. Most fathers know that people who believe in GOD are more likely to be better people and they also know that people that don’t believe in GOD can still be good, but it’s not easy.

Fathers grasp families leadership by carrying families to church

On Sunday’s, wake up early fathers,  but don’t just lounge on an easy chair, carry your family to church. This will condition them  for life’s  storms ahead but they can’t do it alone.  GOD assists families by assuring them that a higher being is in charge. Fathers help comfort families by introducing them to the idea that there is life after death. the sobering fact that there is a GOD instills in family that there are consequences for behaving bad.

Fathers grasp families leadership

Fathers are the head of the family. They should share their knowledge.

Both fathers and grandfathers are human. They have all been guilty of mistakes. Fathers should not keep their mistakes a secret. They should share them with their children and grandchildren. It could stop them from committing the same mistakes.

Fathers need to provide for their family. They must never quit. A real man never quits. He keeps grinding. He travels along trying to keep his relationships with the family members strong. He needs to make money to pay all the bills. Fathers need to pay for food and education for all of his family. That’s what a head of a household does. He keeps on plugging along.

Here’s how you know that you’re succeeding at fatherhood? You’ve succeeded If  your children are grown and still go out of there way to be with you on fathers day. However, if they live close and blow you off on fathers day; you are failing at fatherhood.

They may not be able to make it all the time because they live far away while not having funds to jettison to you. However, just because distance and money issues could prevent them from making it on fathers day don’t dispair. That’s  why GOD  helped create  Skype and that’s better than nothing.


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