Family succeed life inspires

Family inspires us to succeed in life

Family inspires you to keep grinding to succeed in life. When you fail at work focus on  your family. Never give up.  Mount family pictures in your work area. Look at them and you’ll never throw in the towel.

If you’re married,  hang a picture of you and your spouse where you can see it from your desk. Display your children’s where you can gaze at them.Strive to make your grandchildren’s pictures visible. Do this so you are constantly reminded to succeed for their sake.

family will inspire you succeed in life

Honesty and hard work will inspire you and  your family to succeed in life. A wise person said that if you are caught doing something wrong it’s not only your reputation you’re tarnishing. Your are also ruining the reputation of your parents, kids and other family members.  Think about it. How embarrassing is it for family members who have your last name when you do something wrong? What if it’s published or made public. Kids are embarrassed in school. Your spouse is judged and  laughed at behind her back at work. Your parents are shamed.

Set an example so that your family has someone they can emulate.  Have you ever heard the old saying, monkey see monkey do? Your children and their children are watching. Don’t just say to them to do what you say and not what you do. This will not work especially if they see that you are reaping benefits doing things that are dishonest. They will think that you can stock pile wealth and happiness by cheating the system.  They’ll think it’s normal to break laws, be dishonest and do whatever it take to succeed in life and business. You need to set the standard for honesty and integrity.

family members will succeed in life by telling  the truth, being honest and working hard.

What motivates you; Money, pride, emulation? Why pick one. Pick all three. Be proud of yourself and family. Make money honestly with hard work. Emulate someone in your life that’s been a mentor. Be a mentor to your family members and be someone they can be proud of. Most importantly, spend time with your family so that they will inspire you. It’s a two-way street. Let them inspire you and you inspire them.

family succeed life inspires

Don Corleone the fictional charter in the movie the Godfather asked is God son, Johnny Fontane if he spent time with his family. Fontane told the Godfather they he did. Don Corleone told Fontane that that was good, because any man that doesn’t spend time with his family isn’t a man at all. Spend time with your family so that they will inspire you to keep striving for achievement in life regardless of your circumstances. In return,  you will be inspiring your family.


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